A Night at the Lake








And because I was such a horrible Dad that I’d never shown my daughter Hot Waters, or taken her to shoot the Lighthouse at night….


Thanks Matt!!

I got a text from Matt Dempsey the evening of May 11th. I was on my way home from work, and he wondered if I was going up to the Lighthouse to shoot the sunset. I told him I was pretty whipped from working, but you never know. He said he’d keep his eyes open for me. I got home and told Kristen that he’d texted me and I knew before I even opened my mouth, what reaction I was going to get from her. “Let’s GO!” We looked up the time of the sunset and agreed we’d need to be there about an hour before that. We zipped up behind the Jackalope, and were barely out of the car when we saw Matt and Bob Bodnar. Kristen called her friend who lives close by, and we all walked down the pier.

We all kept slowly working our way down the pier, keeping the setting sun directly above and, eventually, behind the Lighthouse. As the sun came down, Matt remarked that he should’ve opened the shutters when he was there recently (he’s one of the caretakers, and was recently interviewed by Neil Zurcher). When he said that, Bob and I started the razzing, “Wow! That would have been a GREAT shot if the shutters were open!” We didn’t let up until it was time to go. I just got around to narrowing down the best of the night’s shoot, and wanted to say again, “Thanks Matt!!”






Blown Away

It was a Friday night. It was the first night of my long break, Mike had gone bow shooting, Mar wasn’t home from the college yet. Kristen was flipping channels and I was tweaking some pics, when she asked what time the sun was supposed to set. I checked the weather site and found it would go down at 5:47pm.  She said, “We should go up to the lake.” Knowing she was hoping I’d say ‘yes’, but not expecting it, I said,”Go get dressed.” And away we went.

Yes, it was that windy! It was blowing so hard, my eyes were tearing up. So hard, my hat was swept off my head. So chilly, Kristen actually thanked me for making her wear a jacket. THAT’S cold!

Beach Silhouettes

Mike and Kristen are getting to the age where hangin’ out at the beach is the thing to do. Gettin’ ice cream at K-Cream or DQ is on the list, too. Sometimes I get asked to give a lift. Sometimes Mike drives. Kids are growing fast. Where does the time go? This is from one night that I gave Kristen a lift to Lakeview. She was on one side of the park, I was on the other side (don’t wanna cramp her style, ya  know?). Goofin’ with the shutter speed can make some interesting things happen.