Guest Blogger: Matt Dempsey

After seeing his photography over the course of the last two-and-a-half years, I had offered Matt the chance to post here. When I saw a recent batch of pics, I knew he had to share them. He sent me a set he took at Lakeview Park, of the light display there. He described what he did:

  In order to get the effect for these pictures, this is what I did: Having a tripod is a must due to the fact that I used shutter speeds that ranged from 1 second until 20 seconds. The ISO was set at 200 and the apertures were from f/8 – f/32. I simply set the camera to the aperture to what I wanted, focused on the subject, and pushed the shutter. When the shutter is pressed, I then simply zoomed the lens from 18mm – 55mm and vice versa. Doing this causes a plain scene to come to life.

A Little Camera Fun

I’ve taken pics of the lights at Lakeview for “Light Up Lorain” over the years, and this season there’s a new addition to the display. A revolving wheel blinking different colors can be seen from West Erie Avenue. I drove through two mornings ago on the way home from work. I want to go back and play a little more with it, as it was quite cold and very wet that a.m.

The video itself is not particularly impressive. But what you can do with your camera is another story…

With the ISO at 3200 and an .8 second exposure, if you click on the photo for a larger view, you’ll see that the strand lights in the background are curlicues now.

With the exposure at 1.3,  the lights get brighter, but a little messier, and not as crisp. A tripod will definitely make this a nicer shot at this setting.

Exposure is now set at 2.5, and with a little wiggle in the camera, you get this explosion of light and colored lines.

The same settings, but with a slight movement to the left, gives the illusion of movement to this wheel of light.

Not every shot you take has to be precise and neat and organized. Get out and have some fun!

 Maybe I can get Matt Dempsey to share some of the fun he’s had with simply adjusting the lens during a long exposure…..


Light Up Lorain: Saturday

The City of Lorain and the Downtown Lorain Christmas Council would like to cordially invite you to the 2011 Light Up Lorain – “The Magic of Toyland on Broadway”. The Holiday Season will kick-off on Saturday, November 26, beginning with the holiday parade at 5pm. The Open Door High School and the Lorain High School Marching Band will kick-off the parade, which includes The “Big Sky Clydesdales” from Chardon, Ohio. These majestic Clydesdale Horses will make their first-ever appearance on Broadway.