Thanks Matt!!

I got a text from Matt Dempsey the evening of May 11th. I was on my way home from work, and he wondered if I was going up to the Lighthouse to shoot the sunset. I told him I was pretty whipped from working, but you never know. He said he’d keep his eyes open for me. I got home and told Kristen that he’d texted me and I knew before I even opened my mouth, what reaction I was going to get from her. “Let’s GO!” We looked up the time of the sunset and agreed we’d need to be there about an hour before that. We zipped up behind the Jackalope, and were barely out of the car when we saw Matt and Bob Bodnar. Kristen called her friend who lives close by, and we all walked down the pier.

We all kept slowly working our way down the pier, keeping the setting sun directly above and, eventually, behind the Lighthouse. As the sun came down, Matt remarked that he should’ve opened the shutters when he was there recently (he’s one of the caretakers, and was recently interviewed by Neil Zurcher). When he said that, Bob and I started the razzing, “Wow! That would have been a GREAT shot if the shutters were open!” We didn’t let up until it was time to go. I just got around to narrowing down the best of the night’s shoot, and wanted to say again, “Thanks Matt!!”







2 thoughts on “Thanks Matt!!

  1. Yes thanks Matt and spectacular !!!! you know I am going to use a couple of these 🙂 How I wish I could write or sing or even cook as well as you take a photograph – I would be famous……. just beautiful Mark……….

  2. LMAO You know you don’t even have to tell me that, Loraine. Thanks for the compliments!

    And I want to say “Thanks!!” to you, and Bryan and Kris for making Holly feel welcome the other day. It really meant a LOT to me.

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