Block Watch Picnic –

Guest Blogger Paula Tobias covered/attended the LNBW picnic today. 

August 30, 2008 The Community Resource Officers with the support of Chief Rivera had a picnic for the Block Watch Captains, their families and other members of Lorain Neighborhood Block Watch.

The Day was perfect for hamburgers and hotdogs under the Gazebo at Lakeview Park.

Many brought side dishes to share and it was a good thing the Lorain Fire Department stopped by.

The firefighters were kind enough to allow everyone a chance to see a pumper up close and personal and answer any questions we had.

CRO Palmer had said this was a way for the Chief and Department to say Thank You to the Block Watch for the work they do to keep our city safer. We are the eyes and ears for LPD as they can’t be everywhere all the time.

I remember CRO Palmer planning this at the beginning of the year. It was great to meet with other Captains and the overall sentiment I heard was “Let’s do it again.”

A few Ponderings from Paula this week in regards to Police.

As I was helping set up for the picnic I heard a Patrol car with its siren blaring Westbound down West Erie Ave.

As it came closer I stopped to watch, have things changed since my days of drivers education? I was always told (and practice), that when you hear sirens you pull over and stop .. that’s not what I saw this morning.
Please for the Safety of our Police, Fire and Emergency personnel, PULL over and STOP until they pass by. And if your radio/stereo is so loud that you can’t hear the sirens….then you should be cited for that offense as well.

Next thought/pondering.

Did you ever notice how you watch/slow your speed when you SEE a cruiser off the side of the road? Do you think the same is true for other violators, such as Thumping Cars?