Lost In The Shuffle

Between work and home schedules, weather, and other obligations, opportunities to get out to shoot can come sporadically. Which means having material for here can be feast or famine, which I’ve probably mentioned before. Goin’ through my folders, I found one from October that I hadn’t done anything with, and felt I should. Was coming home from work one evening, and things looked quite ominous over the lake. The first three were taken in Sheffield Lake.

Not threatening at all, but I loved how the water rushed over the flat stone at the top, and then around the speckled one in the middle.

Here’s hoping your new year is NOT a stormy one!!

PhotoPhun Challenge: Happy Halloween!!

Lisa called today’s challenge, and could it be any more appropriate?? Halloween: Decorations, costumes, whatever the holiday means to you. There was a lot I wanted to do, but I had oh-so-little time to do it in. What I did get a chance to shoot, got me a few that were appropriate.

From a storefront in Millersburg.

In Sheffield Lake: Leaves changing color, cloudy skies.

Fewer boats in the water.

Lisa and Ree should have some really great shots, so make sure to pay them a visit, too!! And who’s got next week’s challenge?

Got some late entries from Bryan!!

A friend’s home decorated for Halloween.


This Was Going to Be…

I started out Friday with the intentions of capturing the changing leaves, the fall colors, the blazing trees. With a very light rain going on, more of a sprinkle really, it was no big deal. I shot a trio of maples at LCCC, and then drove over to Bur Oak, to see if the trees from the Trail article had changed yet. By the time I parked, it was no longer a sprinkle, but a decent rainfall, and if you’re standing still focusing, you’re gonna get wet.

While shooting the leaves of a bush at the Metropark, the focus now became the water running off the leaves.

Hope you had a good weekend.