Things That’ll Kill You

On my first day back to work after the holidays, I ruptured my Achilles tendon going up a flight of stairs. I’ve been stuck in the house since January 4th, and was itching to shoot something. I had an idea for a shot I wanted to do, and the rest sort of came to me.








Church of Our Savior, New York

While I was blown away by this church when I first walked in, I didn’t feel comfortable shooting it up like the other churches I’ve been in. I got the shots from the back, and that was it. I can’t explain why I couldn’t go farther into the church, I just felt I shouldn’t, like it would be rude and irreverent to do so.





Saint Mary Magdalene Byzantine Catholic Church

I love shooting churches. When I saw that St. Mary Magdalene was hosting its 4th annual European Festival, it was a no-brainer. No special appointments that needed to be made. I wouldn’t feel like I was putting anyone out while I shot up their church. Most folks would be checking out the arts and crafts, food and dancing, and I would have the church to myself. Mwuah-ah-ah-ahhhh. (Sorry, shouldn’t do a sinister laugh about churches.) As you can see, it’s a beautiful church. And the food and entertainment was great, too! (Found this one waiting in the wings from September. Ooops!)


Had to add HDR toning to this one!