Time Lapse: Take Two

I’ve learned a few things in the two times I’ve been out to shoot these time lapse videos. Know what you want in the shot and know where you can actually get that before you set up.  Once you get set up and what you want in the viewfinder, LEAVE THE LENS THE HECK ALONE. Ahem, um, yea, like a big dummy, I felt the need to change the scene, thinkin’ ‘it won’t be that noticeable.’ Right. That’s like no one would notice the difference between a cell phone photo and something by Ansel Adams. Also, the difference between 160-some odd photos and 200-odd photos, at this speed, is about half-a-second. So, when next I do this again, and I will, I have to, because I’ve got to get this right, and I want something that I’m absolutely thrilled with, I will have to do a few hours worth of this. So, with that said, here’s what I got and I hope you’re not too distracted by the lens movement to not notice the sky.



7 thoughts on “Time Lapse: Take Two

  1. Mark, you did a really good job with this! Even the whoa! hey! hang on! moment of adjustment wasn’t as rough as I thought it would be. No different than the last time where you had to move over instead of in/out. Was this last night’s sunset? I gave up trying to shoot it because it was so cloudy.

  2. I shot this on June 11th. I’m finding that if you’ve got some clouds, it makes for a more interesting time lapse. I didn’t notice the cloud action until I pieced this together. I’m also going to have to plan on about 2+ hours for the next one. The bugs got me on this one. I was itchin’ for about 3 days after this evening.

  3. Next PhotoPhun Challenge: How about a bug’s-eye-view of the world. Down in the grass, or looking up at something, if you were an insect, how might things look?

  4. Oh I wish I could take photographs or videos… trust me I can’t…. and I am going to have some trouble painting the picture with words as to what is happening as I look out the den door to the pond.

    The waterfall is turned off so the fish can eat, and they are basking with gold and silver flashes on the top of the pond catching the morning sun and some Lake flies who have come too close, a dragonfly hovers….there is just a small pump going and the water coming from that is barely making ripples on the surface, but the way the sun is shining and catching the light of those ripples, they are reflected back onto the spikey leaves of the water iris as they reach for the sun, the effect is that each leaf has become lit with something akin to those “running” Christmas lights going from the bottom of the plant and running all the way to the very tip to fall into oblivion and starting again like some round robbin song…. I have never seen this before and it is attracting butterflies for some reason….it is totally beautiful and peaceful and as the sun moves or a breeze plays the scene changes…. SIGH I can’t capture it for you wish I could……. 😦 it wil soon disapear from the garden but has given such a pleasure for a brief moment …… Oh for the talent of a phtographer so I could share. so thanks for all the beautiful photos.Loraine

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