The Sky Was Cryin’

Gabriel Cassidy Miller was born August 17, 2009, to Charles and Lisa Miller of Lorain, Ohio. On December 31, 2009, at 19 weeks & 3 days old, Gabriel died peacefully in his parents’ arms just before the noon hour. He fought a valiant battle, but serious post-heart surgery complications were just too much for his little body to overcome.

He was 136 days old.

On Monday, “Baby Gabe” would have been 9 months old. To celebrate the 136 days that they had with him, on what would have been his 9th month, Chuck and Lisa marked the day with a balloon release at Lakeside Landing, in Lorain.

The Sky Was Crying.

Gabe touched more than a few lives, many of those never got the opportunity to see that angelic face in person, to hear his giggle, to kiss his baby-soft skin.

Definitely, our loss.

Despite the weather, those that cared and were able went down to Lakeside Landing for an 8:12pm release. Some held their own balloon release so that they could be there in spirit. But Gabe was on many minds and in very many hearts last night.

The balloon car. Chuck is in the back of the car, putting tags on the balloons. Seriously.

Almost time.

Everyone gets to participate.

Henery’s Back and He’s Got a New Toy

Been in a really bad funk, which I will not go into. Head was in a bad place, no motivation, blah-blah blah  blah-freakin’-blah. Ya know? Been saving for a new toy for a long time, and got it yesterday. Got out tonight to play with it. Hope you enjoy, and sorry for the long drought.

Always gotta start with the Lighthouse, right?

Then something else simple, like a sunset.

Try some color and contrast.

And then go fer broke, and try a baby. This is Kora, by the way.

Everybody’s Havin’ Babies!!

There’s been a mini-baby boom in the family, counting my side and Mary’s side of the family. Goin’ through some shots I’ve taken recently, these are the ones that made me really smile.

My cousin’s daughter, Katelyn

My niece Elena, at Christmas

Elena at her 1st Birthday party, and the Frosting Claw of Death

My wife’s nephew, Kaleb

Kaleb havin’ a BLAST!