Sandy Ridge







Miller Nature Preserve – LCMP

Kristen and I took a trip to the Conservatory at the LCMP’s Miller Nature Preserve in Avon. I had to find something with some color to shoot, because everything outside was wet, colorless and boring. Having been there before, and knowing what I’d find, I had to take a different approach. With the exception of very few shots, I took all my photos on the aperture setting. Pretty happy with the results.








Contest Pays Off

Earlier this summer, I entered a photo in the Metro Parks “There’s a Park for That” contest. It was a pic from a shoot in May 2009 with my daughter and two of her friends, in front of the fountain at Lakeview Park at night. I found out it won when I drove by Lakeview one evening after work and saw it displayed on a banner in front of the park. A few weeks later, I was contacted and asked if the girls in the shot would be able to appear in a commercial for the MetroParks system. Needless to say, the girls were excited, as was I. (I think I was more tickled than the girls!!) Recently, the commercial editing was completed, and it was uploaded to YouTube, as well as getting airtime on Animal Planet and a few TimeWarner channels. I thought I’d share it here where it first appeared.