County Commissioners’ Public Hearing

I’m glad I attended today’s Commissioners’ Public Hearing for alternatives and input on increasing the county tax. There will be two more meetings and I hope the attendance is greater than today’s, it may have been the weather or the time of day, but the majority seemed to be County employees.

I learned a lot from the dialogue and I believe we can’t rely on mass media for the information needed to make our decisions. The Commissioner’s meetings have always been televised (wish Lorain’s Council meetings were).

I came away amazed that the ordinances/laws in place will not allow the system to improve.

• There are State mandated rules that affect the prison system (where prisoners have better living conditions than our men and women in service overseas)
• The salaries of our Commissioners (they can’t take a pay cut)
• Civil Service (they can’t take a pay cut)
• Unions have contracts and non-union receives the same increases
• A Sheriff’s Deputy must remain with an inmate in the hospital 24/7
• The Levies we’ve voted for pay for the salaries of those individuals who contribute (MRDD etc) (they can’t take a pay cut)

In the words of Ted Kalo, “Expenses are mandated.”

I hadn’t realized how much the Sheriff’s Department does with so little:

• They serve warrants
• They are responsible for the 700+ Sex Offenders in the County
• Foreclosures
• The FBI’s report says that a County this size should have 110 Sheriff Deputies, at this time we have 20 on the road all shifts.

It’s forecasted that with the reduction in revenue 1 of 3 criminals will avoid the Justice System if the tax is not implemented.

I didn’t realize ¼% of the current tax goes to the Jail, ½% goes toward the County Government and the remainder is the State’s. (I don’t understand I hope someone will explain)

It was mentioned that they were going to approach the Unions to discuss concessions. I can’t help but think, if I were asked to give up something, I would ask if the rest of the “Team” was doing so as well.

I learned a lot; I have a different perspective, but I also wonder now if we have any chance.


Paula’s Ponderings – September 15th, 2008

Sometimes you have to ponder on the journey to and fro.

So on my way to tonight’s Council Meeting, I drove through the mess Ike left behind. I had plenty of my own.

As I drove North on Broadway under the underpass/train trestle around 18th (?) I noticed the sign for a local Church’s Festival. I remembered a citizen telling me they witnessed the Street Department putting the sign up and asked me who was paying for the city workers time to do that, the city or the church? I said, “Why don’t you call and ask?” They felt they’d be given a bunch of BS so they didn’t even want to bother.

Council minutes will be posted soon so you can follow up. In fact, here are some other interesting links for the city.

Council Agendas

Mayor’s Board of Control


Civil Service Documents

As I was leaving council I had a chance to talk with many and, in fact, met Kalin for the first time. It was a pleasure, we have a lot to research after our conversation. 🙂

I pulled past the Police station,

 as I made my way South on Broadway. Business was good; they had a full house in the paddy wagon.

 During tonight’s meeting it was discussed that LPD would beef up patrols in areas hit by the power outages. And the Fire Department was pulling out for a call as I drove past the Central Station.

Our Safety Forces were doing their best to keep us safe.I sit now overlooking a fall sunset on the lake with the duck couple;

 they sit on the Lake Bank and look at the water much as we do. I’m listening to classical and jazz and they’re listening to the wind and water.
Oh, the many faces of Lorain.


The City of Lorain has suffered loss of power in various locations throughout the city. We have been advised by Ohio Edison that the power outages could last for the next 2-3 days. Those residents without power are encouraged to first contact family or friends for assistance. If those without power need additional assistance, they may contact the Red Cross @ 440-324-2929 for assistance. As always, if an emergency exists, please call 911 for Police, Fire, and EMS or you may call the non emergency number for the Lorain Police Department @ 440-204-2100.

Paula’s Ponderings

I’ve attended 98% of council/committee meetings in the last four years.

There are the “Die Hard Dozen” that shows for all meetings.

So when Tom Coyne shows up Sept 8th at a Committee Meeting and for this Agenda, you have to wonder, why?

I’ve wondered and asked why…….

In my research I’ve found he’s interested in Development.

To make a trip all the way out to Lorain, one must ask, ‘is there employment for him in the future?’

This Begs The Question:

“Do We Need Any More Controversy in this City?”

A View Of And From The Jewel

(Many thanks to Guest Blogger Paula Tobias for today’s post. – hh) 

Have you ever lived in an area/neighborhood and looked at a house forever and wondered what was inside? You admired the beauty of it… looked at it for 50+ years, but never had the opportunity to go in……

Jewel of our Harbor

Saturday August 30th I was fortunate enough to have the last tour of the Lighthouse for this season.

I’ve lived in Lorain for over 50 years, and the lighthouse has been a part of my neighborhood for over 40 of those years.

When I stepped off the boat and onto the landing around the Lighthouse I had an overwhelming feeling, rather emotional and couldn’t quite figure what it meant.

Path to the top

2nd Floor

It was interesting to hear the story of the work that’s been done. I wondered what it must have been like to live in it during the early 1900’s.

Sailing in Lorain's Inner Harbor

There’s nothing like a boat ride, the wind in your face, and the sound of the gulls to wash away any stress you hold, even looking back at the lakefront property that is Lorain’s, that is in need of so much.


Lorain's Shoreline

The potential in the Lighthouse and Lorain is overwhelming, it’s been there for years and hasn’t been tapped; maybe that was what I was feeling as I landed. A sadness, yet pride in being able to call this my home.

Lighthouse Flag