Paula’s Ponderings – September 15th, 2008

Sometimes you have to ponder on the journey to and fro.

So on my way to tonight’s Council Meeting, I drove through the mess Ike left behind. I had plenty of my own.

As I drove North on Broadway under the underpass/train trestle around 18th (?) I noticed the sign for a local Church’s Festival. I remembered a citizen telling me they witnessed the Street Department putting the sign up and asked me who was paying for the city workers time to do that, the city or the church? I said, “Why don’t you call and ask?” They felt they’d be given a bunch of BS so they didn’t even want to bother.

Council minutes will be posted soon so you can follow up. In fact, here are some other interesting links for the city.

Council Agendas

Mayor’s Board of Control


Civil Service Documents

As I was leaving council I had a chance to talk with many and, in fact, met Kalin for the first time. It was a pleasure, we have a lot to research after our conversation. 🙂

I pulled past the Police station,

 as I made my way South on Broadway. Business was good; they had a full house in the paddy wagon.

 During tonight’s meeting it was discussed that LPD would beef up patrols in areas hit by the power outages. And the Fire Department was pulling out for a call as I drove past the Central Station.

Our Safety Forces were doing their best to keep us safe.I sit now overlooking a fall sunset on the lake with the duck couple;

 they sit on the Lake Bank and look at the water much as we do. I’m listening to classical and jazz and they’re listening to the wind and water.
Oh, the many faces of Lorain.


The City of Lorain has suffered loss of power in various locations throughout the city. We have been advised by Ohio Edison that the power outages could last for the next 2-3 days. Those residents without power are encouraged to first contact family or friends for assistance. If those without power need additional assistance, they may contact the Red Cross @ 440-324-2929 for assistance. As always, if an emergency exists, please call 911 for Police, Fire, and EMS or you may call the non emergency number for the Lorain Police Department @ 440-204-2100.


One thought on “Paula’s Ponderings – September 15th, 2008

  1. A couple of days before the big storm, the utility line from my home to the pole became frayed from a tree limb and shorted out creating fireworks in my back yard at 7 AM. At around 9 I called Ohio Edison who had a guy out within a couple of hours. He determined that it was safer for a “crew” to fix it and left and a couple of hours later two new guys showed up. The next part is gonna floor ya.

    While talking to the two guys fixing the utility line I asked how many guys worked for Ohio Edision and the guy told me 7 foremen, and five helpers. I asked if that was just for Lorain, and the guy said no, that was for the four county area they service. At one time he said there was over 120 employees that took care of the same area.

    He also told me that out of the 12 guys, some of them had already been sent down to Texas.

    Almost sounds unlikely, but could it be?

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