A View Of And From The Jewel

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Have you ever lived in an area/neighborhood and looked at a house forever and wondered what was inside? You admired the beauty of it… looked at it for 50+ years, but never had the opportunity to go in……

Jewel of our Harbor

Saturday August 30th I was fortunate enough to have the last tour of the Lighthouse for this season.

I’ve lived in Lorain for over 50 years, and the lighthouse has been a part of my neighborhood for over 40 of those years.

When I stepped off the boat and onto the landing around the Lighthouse I had an overwhelming feeling, rather emotional and couldn’t quite figure what it meant.

Path to the top

2nd Floor

It was interesting to hear the story of the work that’s been done. I wondered what it must have been like to live in it during the early 1900’s.

Sailing in Lorain's Inner Harbor

There’s nothing like a boat ride, the wind in your face, and the sound of the gulls to wash away any stress you hold, even looking back at the lakefront property that is Lorain’s, that is in need of so much.


Lorain's Shoreline

The potential in the Lighthouse and Lorain is overwhelming, it’s been there for years and hasn’t been tapped; maybe that was what I was feeling as I landed. A sadness, yet pride in being able to call this my home.

Lighthouse Flag


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  1. Hello from a cool and rainy London it is wonderful, everything is green and people are everywhere shops are filled with people and they are smiling and chatting off to the west end hear it is 90 ahhhhhh enough to warm your beer Loraine

  2. And now, this beautiful lighthouse is no longer the logo used for Lorain City Schools…instead we have a bunch of eager hands saying “me, me, me, me” – a sign of our times.

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