LHS Site Update

A recent comment led me back to the former Lorain High School site, to update activity going on there. The building going up is a new elementary school. Known to some as the “new Irving”, it is apparently due to be called “Admiral Ernest J. King Elementary School.”


LHS: It Is Finished…

This was the view from Washington Avenue this morning at 8:50am, as DEMEX awaited the arrival of a manlift and hydraulic jackhammer to complete the demolition of the Lorain High/Middle School site.

Cable was threaded through niches in the chimney brick, pulled around the stack and secured, and then attached to an excavator, which pulled the cable taut.

A hydraulic jackhammer rolls into position, to take out the base of the stack, which will aid in bringing it down. With the target area painted in orange, he’ll position himself right in harm’s way.


Watch it come down…

And Poof!! It’s gone.

Just a pile of bricks is left.

And the memories…

Lorain High School – 1876 – 2010

(I found I was able to brighten the video just a bit and also slow it down, so that you can see a little more detail as the chimney goes down.)