Faces and Food at the Festival

I got to run through the International Festival Saturday on my way to work. I was “on assignment” for someone who asked me to get shots of the food at the ethnic celebration. Fortunately for me, of all the shots I took, I was unhappy with only one. Everyone else was  very cooperative.







These women at the Macedonian booth were so happy I took their pic and for whom it was for, they gave me one of the kebab sandwiches. Wow!! That was great!




This last group I passed as I was leaving, and the young gentleman with the lemonade cup called out to me and asked, “Will you take our picture?” I spun around and said, “Sure, if you want me to.” Everyone got in their positions, and the young woman in the yellow cap and the man in the red cap in the back came running over to try to photobomb the shot. They posed, and then laughed until I told them, “Stay in it!!” Everyone cheesed, I got the pic, and hopefully they’ll be as “famous” as they hoped when this is posted.


International Festival Parade

Busy, busy weekend. Help with the St. Nicholas float Saturday morning, zip to 1st and Hamilton for the Admiral King tribute. Run home and get some yardwork done. Race out to Oberlin to check out the Chalk Walk. Home to attend Liturgy at 5pm. Sunday up early to get Kristen to Parade and then down to 6th to shoot the Parade. Get something to eat at the festival and then run Kristen to a camp-out with her friends and come home and grocery shop and plan meals. I can’t wait to get back to work so I can slow down a little. Whew!! I broke the festival up into four separate videos to make it easier to view.

Beginning up until the Bratwurst Queen

LHS to the Slovak and Hungarian groups

The Legacy Dance Team to The Deputies

The Czech car to the end

Lorain International Parade 2010

The Parade was a very good time, and once it got started, the discomfort from the heat was pretty much forgotten. So, here’s my take, condensed from 90+ minutes, to a little over 5 minutes. (My apologies to the Lorain High Titans band, due to a technical malfunction (my thumb), I was not recording your performance when I thought I was. You were terrific!)

The crowd along Broadway, waiting for the Parade.

Kaitlyn Knick, Slovak Princess

Ladies Drill Team


Mud, Mud, Everywhere…

I had the opportunity last night to volunteer at the beer tent at the International Festival, to raise money for Lorain Youth Baseball. When I first got there, I walked around a bit, to see what was going on.

The Chair was wise to get in line as early as he did for the Hungarian booth. This is the only booth I’ve ever seen that had to use theater ropes to cordone off an area to keep an organized line due to the amount of people waiting. That must be some AWESOME chicken paprikash.

There was a good crowd, but nothing near what is normal for the Friday night of the International. Storms earlier in the afternoon kept a considerable amount of folks away. When there’s only 4-5 folks in line for Gyros at the Greek booth, you know things are slow. But as I said, there was a good crowd.

So, back to the mud. Despite the tent part of the beer tent, there was a LOT of mud. Did I say a LOT? I meant a LOT.

Some folks were serving beers in bare feet, because feet are easier to clean than shoes. As far as the folks buying the beers, let’s just say they looked like they were tip-toeing through a mine field. I offered to sell one guy a raft for $10, it was THAT wet.

Lotsa folks buying beer. Now, I’ve bartended in my younger days, and I enjoyed it. But the thing that I was never able to understand was someone ordering a beer, and, when given the choice of regular or light beer (aka leaded or unleaded), telling me it doesn’t matter. Amigo, you’re the one drinking it. I want you to enjoy it since it’s your money. So, I don’t want to make the choice for you. But I was given that opportunity too many times.

I had fun. I really did. I was there ’til 10:30, and then I walked through BRL again, and the amount of folks had really dropped off. I bought 2 snoogles (did I really call those snickerdoodles??!) for my wife and kids, a large bag of Kettle Corn (is that stuff GOOD or what?!) and watched everyone enjoying themselves.

On my way out, I stopped by the stage. Chuck (Camera) and I had talked about the band that was playing last night. We only really noticed it when it was slow, but the band sounded fantastic! Click here for a snippet of their performance.

According to the forecast, the rest of the weekend does not look good. There seems to be one huge storm on its way in from Indiana as of right now (2:20am). I hope things have cleared up enough by the time the Festival opens at 12pm for everyone to get down there for some of that great food.

As for me, I’ll probably put more time in at the beer tent.

In my old shoes.


As a side note: I was just sent this scan by Dennis Lamont. With all the stormy weather we’ve been having, thought it might be important to pass this along:

84 Years Ago Today...