Eric Barnes’ Heroes Walk Dedication


Admiral King Honored

Across the block from Settlers’ Watch, almost on the corner of 1st Avenue and Hamilton, a tribute to Lorain native Admiral Ernest J. King is being built.

Loraine Ritchey, the driving force behind Settlers’ Watch, is coordinating the installation of this tribute. According to Loraine, besides being located across the street from King’s boyhood home, the site was selected also due to its proximity to Lorain’s waterfront. All of the work is being done through grants and donations through the Charleston Village Society.”The flagpole is from the old American Shipyard. Lorain City Schools donated an anchor from the old Admiral King High School.” When completed, it will have the shape of an anchor. The anchor from King’s namesake high school will be relocated here, donated by Lorain City Schools.

(Special thanks go to Bur Brothers Masonry and Bricklayers Local #5 for the work they’re doing)

Brushing the sand into the spaces between the bricks.

The top of the anchor,

being fitted with the framework for another layer of cement, to hold the cross design of the bricks in place.

A ceremony is scheduled for June 25th, at 11am, to raise a flag for the first time. Donated by U.S. Representative Betty Sutton’s office, the flag will fly on the 55th anniversary of Admiral King’s death.

Pride Is Blooming

I wasn’t able to get to Settlers’ Watch on Pride Day the way I usually do, because I was taking care of my property turning it into something I can be proud of. Kristen and her friends planned a meet-up at Lakeview Park Saturday night, so I drove down to the Watch and looked around. Wow!! Nice job to all involved with the clean-up.  I walked around taking pics (this’ll be a long one!!) because all the flowers were just gorgeous. I watched another couple walk and look around in absolute wonder as they took in everything that was the Watch. Freshly mulched flowerbeds, expertly cut carvings, and a pleasant evening to be outside. Another gentleman in his 20’s with an Eric Barnes tattoo on his arm relaxed on the bench in front of the Eagle, and we talked about the City and how Lorain will always be home.



The Spitzer Conference Center at LCCC was the site of the Lorain County Beautiful Awards Tuesday night. “The Lorain County Beautiful Awards has been recognizing properties for their beauty and aesthetic contribution to the overall quality of life in LorainCounty for the past eighteen years.”

Settlers’ Watch was nominated for Community Service: Any volunteer project for the betterment of the community such as community garden projects, beautification teams, etc.


Kudos, Congrats and a Huge Round of Applause to Loraine Ritchey for coordinating everything and making the original plan a reality!!

Kudos, Congrats and a Huge Round of Applause to Bud Emerson for all of his efforts and devotion to the carvings!! Absolutely beautiful!!

And a Big “Thank You” to all of the following who contributed money, plants, equipment, materials, sweat and everything else that went into the greenspace now known as “Settlers’ Watch.”

The Carvings Sponsors

Century Tel Corp. – The Eric Barnes Eagle Tribute

City Of Lorain (Preservation Grant) – The Portside/Lorain Sign – The Anchor

CT Consultants – The Ship Captain

Lakeland Health Care Corp/Port of Lorain Foundation – Lorain Lighthouse

Oster Homes – The Heron

Corporate and Civic Sponsors and Participants (alphabetically)

Arkinetics- Gary Fischer – Site plan

Black River Historical Society- plants

Charleston Village Society Inc. – Project developers and co-coordinators

City of Lorain – Project developers and co-coordinators
Mayor A. Krasienko and staff
Lorain City Council members
Community Development Dept
Lorain Street Department
Lorain Utilities Dept
Lorain Fire Dept
Lorain Parks Dept
Lorain Health Dept
Lorain Police Dept
Lorain Law Dept. .
Lorain Building Dept.

Crest Fence – Fencing

Don Mould’s Plantation – Landscape

First Energy Corp. – Site and project development

Lakeland Healthcare Corp- Plantings

Lorain Arts Council – Plantings

Lorain County Government:

Lorain County Commissioners- Benches
Mrs. B. Blair, Ms. L. Kokoski, Mr. T. Kalo

Lorain County Solid Waste – Mr. D. Billman

Lorain Metro Parks – Bryan Goldthorpe- Horticultural

Lorain Rotary Club – Planting bed – Ship Captain

Morning Journal – Plantings and Landscape

Ritter Signs – Signage

SQP – Printing – All invitations and brochures

Stipe Painting – Labor for preservatives

Individual Sponsors

Graphic Design/ Invitations Commemorative Booklet- Christopher D. Ritchey

Photography – Mark J.Teleha- Paula Tobias- Richard Robbin –

Barnes Commemorative Album- Mark J. Teleha- Paula Tobias

Volunteers- labor and plantings and donations
Tom and Jeri Boyer
Tom Brown
Tom Campana
Mr. and Mrs. C. Camera
Mike Challender
Austin Cotterill
Kacy Cotterill
Renee Dore
Dennis Flores
Dan Given
Alexis Goldthorpe
Mrs. and Mrs. B. Goldthorpe
Brian Hazelett
Dan Ketchum
James Kudrin
Danny Lopez
Taylor McKay
Anne Molnar
Scott Muska
Tony Krasienko
Jordan Paulson
Pam and Larry Radke
Ernest and Loraine Ritchey
Rich and Ellen Robin
Don and Kelly Sagert
London Saxton
Bret Schuster
Ken and Pegi Shawver
M. Silecky
Katie Skinner
Craig Snodgrass
Morgan Snodgrass
Abigail Sugerick
Keri Sugerick
Mark Teleha
Paula Tobias

Members and Employees (who also volunteered not named)
Black River Historical Society
Crest Fence
Don Moulds Plantation
First Energy Corp
Lorain Street Dept
Lorain Utilities Dept
Lorain Rotary Club
Morning Journal
Stipe Painting

Publicity and coverage:

Chronicle Telegram Newspaper
Cleveland Plain Dealer Newspaper
Morning Journal Newspaper