St. Nicholas Byzantine Alumni Reunion

One hundred years ago Sunday, September 14, St. Nicholas Byzantine Catholic Church was dedicated. This past year has seen many different events, get-togethers, a picnic, a pysanky display and, back in July, an alumni reunion. While I posted these to Facebook after the event, I failed to remember that there are many more people that aren’t on FB that would like to see the pics from these events.




































A Year Ago Today…

I officially dedicated myself full-time to this blog. I had said my goodbye’s and left the nest.

It’s been fun. It has. It’s been more work, of course, but I don’t have to worry about work I’d spent quite a bit of time on, getting buried under another’s post an hour after I published. And there are times I had to dig deep and scrape just to get new material here to keep from losing everyone’s interest.

There are things that I planned on doing here that just didn’t happen. There are things I hadn’t planned on doing that I did, and I’m quite happy I made the time.

More buildings got knocked down before they fell on folks, and balloons lifted up in Wellington last year. First time, I believe, in the County. I had done this in August of 2007 and sent it to the County Commissioners. I posted this less than a year later. Coinky-dink? Maybe.

I kept up on my commitment to cover our Armed Forces last year.

I covered quite a bit of sports, but that was mostly an affair of the heart, rather than work.

I continued to spotlight Metroparks events. That was more love than labor, too.

I can honestly say, that even though it’s been more work going solo, it’s work that I love.

I’m making an effort to do more ‘County’ things, rather than ‘City of Lorain’ things. I was warmly welcomed by Avon Mayor Jim Smith for this article, and will do follow-ups as Opening Day approaches.

I think the busiest time, and the most news-worthy item around the area was the Bascule Bridge debacle.

So, a year has passed, and I’m a year older, wiser, and a bit more experienced. Whether that’s good or bad, only time will tell.

Thanks for your time, and your visits, and your input.

Time to get back to work.

Lovin’ it every step of the way.

9/11 Remembered

Everyone remembers where they were, what they were doing, when they first heard, saw, became aware of the events on that day. I had come home that morning from working nights, got the kids up for school, got’em breakfast, got Mary up for school, Mary left, I took the kids to their school, and came home and played some games before getting ready to go to bed. It was about 9:30 when I logged off, and at the time, we had dial-up, so there was a voice-mail from Mom. ‘Turn on the TV.’ Wow, that didn’t sound good. So that’s what I did, wondering what channel I’d be looking for.

Didn’t matter. I was stunned. I sat on the edge of the couch, watching the replays over and over. Mary came home, scared. We agreed that maybe we should go get the kids. I zipped out and found I wasn’t the only one picking up children from school. There also wasn’t much traffic. I stayed up ’til 1:30pm that afternoon watching, wondering, afraid for my kids and scared for everyone else. I slept a few hours and went into work that night.

No one spoke. Everyone knew what was going through everyone else’s mind. Someone brought in a B&W TV, and we listened and watched as it became apparent that all the medical personnel on standby weren’t going to be needed. We were all in a daze.

Here we are, seven years later. Memorials took place just a few hours ago in New York, DC and Pennsylvania. Folks calling in on the radio, discussing efforts, pro and con, to turning this day into a national holiday. Others, like, that would like this day dedicated to charitable service.

As I said the other day, I planned to give blood. Many thanks to Paula and Dina at the Lorain County Blood Bank on Oberlin Avenue for the work that they do. And for the green wrap.

So, I did my part. What did you do?

I used to listen to tunes in my truck, but with the state of radio sucking the way it does, it gets old really quick. So I started surfing, looking for something. Then I found talk radio. Glenn Beck. Rush Limbaugh. Sean Hannity. Say what you will, I enjoy listening to them.

So, during one of the commercial breaks yesterday, actor Gary Sinise’s voice is coming through the speakers. He mentioned the observation of September 11 during the commercial. I missed some of what he said because I suddenly realized that the 7th anniversary of the attacks was next Friday. Seven years since the Twin Towers fell. Wow, how the kids have grown since th…Stop! Listen to what he’s saying!!

Sinise talked about a website called, and how you can register and join the effort to observe 9/11 as a national day of charitable service. A press release dated August 28th at the site said the following:

NATIONAL DAY OF CHARITABLE SERVICE, formed by friends and relatives of 9/11 victims to promote 9/11 as a day of service, continues to win influential support as the 7th anniversary of the terrorist attacks approaches NEW YORK, Aug. 27, 2008 – The grassroots initiative to transform 9/11 into an annually recognized national day of charitable service, which last week encouraged Senators John McCain and Barack Obama to observe a campaign moratorium this 9/11, continues to gain steam as America once again approaches the anniversary of the terrorist attacks., the nonprofit founded in 2003 by friends and relatives of 9/11 victims, announced that it has picked up two important allies this year – newly formed ServiceNation, a powerful coalition of more than 600 nonprofit groups from around the country which will host the two presidential candidates in a forum on civic engagement on September 11 in New York, and the President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation. ( already is actively supported by numerous prominent officials, corporations and leading nonprofits, including U.S. Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton and Charles Schumer, U.S. Representative Peter King, actor Gary Sinise, Habitat for Humanity, American Red Cross, Citizen Corps, Youth Service America and Points of Light & Hands on Network. The group is also supported by all of the major 9/11 family and support organizations.

“The anniversary of September 11 should be officially recognized as a national day of charitable service to honor the 9/11 victims, volunteers and rescue and recovery workers of Ground Zero,” said David Paine, president of “All of us can best honor the memory of those lost by engaging in good deeds, community service and other charitable acts to rekindle the remarkable spirit of unity that existed following the 9/11 tragedy.”

So, think about it. Turn a solemn day into something positive. Volunteer in the community, donate to a good cause, or perform a good deed of your choosing. Let me know what you’re going to do in the comments.

My first mini-good deed is to get the word out. That was easy. And since I work next Friday, I’ll have to do my good deed Thursday. (Editor’s note: Thursday IS September 11th.) I plan on going to the Blood Bank on Oberlin Avenue and donating blood. And if I can do something else, I’ll let you know.

But I’d like to hear from you and what you can do.


Happy Anniversary to Loraine and Ernie, from Paula

I attended my daughter’s couple’s shower last night. It brought back memories of the beginning of my new life 31 some years ago when I married Frank. Could you even begin to imagine all the changes and adventures that lay in store for you?

I wonder if Loraine and Ernie Ritchey knew 40 years ago that they would be celebrating Liz’s new beginning with us this evening.

Sunday August 18th they will be celebrating 40 years of wedded bliss. Right Ernie?

Seriously though, that is no small accomplishment in today’s society.

The development of a really good marriage is not a natural process. It is an achievement.
David and Vera Mace

40 Years ago would they have even envisioned the two wonderful children they’ve brought into this world.


They certainly didn’t imagine ending up here in Lorain, Ohio.

One man by himself is nothing. Two people who belong together make a world.
Hans Margolius

Thank you Loraine and Ernie for being a part of our world.

Thank you Ernie for bringing Loraine to Lorain.
Spouse: someone who’ll stand by you through all the trouble you wouldn’t have had if you’d stayed single.

I Guess I Missed It…

June 9, 2007.

My first photo post on this blog. That ‘milestone’, if you will, came and went quietly on my calendar, without it causing so much as a ripple in the pond that is my life.

What caused me to realize is that the bill for hosting this site recently came due, and as I sent the appropriate info to them, it dawned on me a year had passed. Romantic, isn’t it? I pulled up my history here and found that the anniversary had come and gone.


As I look back over the first 6 months, everything I’d posted was photos, which, is what I ultimately planned to do here.

Things changed in January, and this went from being a part-time gig to a full-time obsession. That post came on January 26th. From the traffic history, it apparently was a good choice, as those last 5 days in January saw half of the site visits of the previous five months combined. February shattered that by almost half.

So, to celebrate, if you will, I went back to the place I took that first set of pics: Lakeview Park.

The Kissing Game







So, though what I write doesn’t generate too many topics for discussion, I know there are a lot of you out there. As my sitemeter tells me so. And considering the visit length on most of those hits, there are a considerable number that find what I’m doing to be somewhat interesting.

I keep on doing this because everyone keeps coming. And because I find it fulfilling in a way I thought I never would. For that, I owe a debt of “Thanks” to Scott Bakalar, who saw, in my writing back in June of ’06, something that could be cultivated and harvested. So, thank you, Scott, for getting me started and giving me the stage and microphone time to get my feet wet.

And on this, my first anniversary, I thank “You”, the folks that check in here on a regular basis, to see what’s going on. Because if it wasn’t for you, I’d wouldn’t be here.

Thanks a ton.