Contest Pays Off

Earlier this summer, I entered a photo in the Metro Parks “There’s a Park for That” contest. It was a pic from a shoot in May 2009 with my daughter and two of her friends, in front of the fountain at Lakeview Park at night. I found out it won when I drove by Lakeview one evening after work and saw it displayed on a banner in front of the park. A few weeks later, I was contacted and asked if the girls in the shot would be able to appear in a commercial for the MetroParks system. Needless to say, the girls were excited, as was I. (I think I was more tickled than the girls!!) Recently, the commercial editing was completed, and it was uploaded to YouTube, as well as getting airtime on Animal Planet and a few TimeWarner channels. I thought I’d share it here where it first appeared.

Neutral Density Filter: 400x

I found a great deal on a 400x neutral density filter. I bought an ND filter a year ago and demonstrated it here, which was rated an ND8. After that shoot, and seeing some other photos from other photographers, I knew I needed something else for the things I wanted to do. I was up at Lakeview a few weeks ago, and had the chance to give it a test drive.

This is what a regular shot of the water from the fountain looks like:

Using the new filter, an exposure of 3.2 seconds looks like this:


Note the individual points where the water falls into the basin. More interesting shots to follow soon.

A Different View of the Fountain

There are times that working a rotating shift is inconvenient, and there are times that it pays off. I was on my way home from work one morning, and as I was passing Lakeview Park, there was a strange glow I’d never seen before. When I realized what it was, I may have broken a traffic law or two pulling over and parking.

The fountain’s spray cycle was off, but the lights were still on. And with the warmer water and the cooler air, the effect was quite beautiful.

Zoomin’ at the Fountain

A few Sundays ago, at the Fountain at Lakeview, my daughter Kristen, and her two friends Miranda and Sydney posed for the silhouette shots I posted on May 26th. While they laughed and brainstormed for other things they could do ‘in silhouette,’ I started zooming in on the fountain, and realized that most of what I’d shot in the past were whole fountain shots, and the different sprays. I’d never taken a close-up look at the water as it was coming down.