Greatest Hits

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve had something new. I’ve tried to keep to a schedule of 2-3 posts per week. Once in a while, I get into my work rotation where I don’t have a chance to photograph anything. The most recent shoot was the Art Museum outing, and that was a few weeks ago.

So, in order to prevent folks fromt thinking I fell off the planet, I went to my Flickr account, and pulled the photos with the greatest number of hits. Hope you enjoy. And I promise some new shots soon.

This is an old one. The following is the caption I’d posted beneath it.

 “My almost-11-year-old daughter came with me to the beach tonight, to see why Dad is always running down there with the camera. She took one look at this sky, and instantly knew why…..

This one’s for her.”


The Lighthouse is always popular with the folks on Flickr. I can’t tell you how many Lorain photogs have countless Lighthouse pics in their accounts. And they always draw the comments.

The first fountain silhouette I shot. It’s on display at the Lorain County Visitor’s Bureau in the lobby. And spawned A TON of copycat photos right after.

One of my favorites.



3 thoughts on “Greatest Hits

  1. You know Mark navy and white are the nautical colours throughout the world and that lighthouse is certainly following the navy nautical theme appropriate for a jewel of the inland sea….thanks for the refreshing break from today’s reality .as always breathtaking photos………

  2. Amazing how a picture can make you long for something that you didn’t realize you missed. I simply can not wait for summer!

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