Off to the Races!!

Tried my hand at shooting the races at the Lorain County Speedway. First time I’d ever been there. Not particularly thrilled with how these came out. I was at the top of the grandstand, and it was starting to get dark out. Didn’t want to take my whole bag o’ tricks in, so I went with the best option which was the zoom. Not a low-light friendly lens. These are the best of the group. Maybe I’ll go back and try it again…..?















Miller Nature Preserve – LCMP

Kristen and I took a trip to the Conservatory at the LCMP’s Miller Nature Preserve in Avon. I had to find something with some color to shoot, because everything outside was wet, colorless and boring. Having been there before, and knowing what I’d find, I had to take a different approach. With the exception of very few shots, I took all my photos on the aperture setting. Pretty happy with the results.








Prayers From Maria Sunflowers

What would you do if one day you were told that your otherwise perfectly normal, healthy, 6-year-old little girl had a terminal brain tumor that would take her life within a year? This is exactly what happened to Ed and Megan McNamara whose daughter, Maria, was diagnosed with a diffused intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG) on April 1, 2006. This was no April fool’s joke.