Anyone Else Tired Of Snow???

Even though I said I was back at it, I guess I really wasn’t. There’s been some nice sunsets over the frozen lake, but only on days that I was coming home from work, sans camera. Days that I’m off, I’m either busy cooking, grocery shopping or recuperating from a few days of work. Long story short, no new shots. Recently put up a couple shots on the Lorain page on Facebook that put some smiles on people’s faces. When over 100 folks “like” an old shot of the Beach House at Lakeview, you know there’s a good bit of nostalgia goin’ around. So, if you don’t mind, I’ve got some shots that I’d like to share/repost. Stay warm, and be careful driving.

Loraine reminisced about the Chair recently, and I found this pic when it visited the Lighthouse.

One of my favorites.

Just before the demolition began.

Lorain County Fair, 2012.


One thought on “Anyone Else Tired Of Snow???

  1. I am so sick of winter although the snow does tend ( when it is fresh) to cover up the crap 🙂 so when it now snows I think of your lovely little diamond like snowflakes and realize there is beauty in that white stuff

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