Saint Mary Magdalene Byzantine Catholic Church

I love shooting churches. When I saw that St. Mary Magdalene was hosting its 4th annual European Festival, it was a no-brainer. No special appointments that needed to be made. I wouldn’t feel like I was putting anyone out while I shot up their church. Most folks would be checking out the arts and crafts, food and dancing, and I would have the church to myself. Mwuah-ah-ah-ahhhh. (Sorry, shouldn’t do a sinister laugh about churches.) As you can see, it’s a beautiful church. And the food and entertainment was great, too! (Found this one waiting in the wings from September. Ooops!)


Had to add HDR toning to this one!















Museum of Divine Statues – Stained Glass

The Museum of Divine Statues is the creation of artist/restorer Lou McClung. He always had an interest in religious statuary and began to save and restore pieces of religious art as churches in the area began to close or be consolidated. By 2012, he had refurbished and or restored enough statuary and collected enough church artifacts, to open The Museum of Divine Statues in the former St. Hedwig church in the Birdtown area of Lakewood, OH.