Sunrise on Saturday







Welcome to the Lorain County Photographers’ Blog!

This site is for local photographers who happen to live in, love, and take pictures in the wonderful County of Lorain.

From western Birmingham to eastern North Ridgeville, from the shores of beautiful Lake Erie south to just past Wellington, if you take pictures anywhere in between these borders, we want folks to see those pictures!

You know what beauty the area holds, because you’re shooting it. Wouldn’t you like to share it with friends and family, without them having to register for an account at some website they’ll never buy anything from?

Here you’ll have the opportunity to share photos, comment on other photographers’ pictures, share some tips, show off some great places to shoot, and showcase the area to people from wherever they may be, as well as get some webtime for your photos.

Lurk if you’d like for a little bit, as we’re going to make this up as we go along.  Feel free to contact myself or one of the other LoCoPhotogBloggers whenever you feel, if you think you might like to join.

For now, Happy Shooting, and May All Your Sunsets Be Colorful!