Sunflower Paradise



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Backyard 2015

Things are bloomin’ once again and got some new stuff for 2015, too! After seeing the sunflowers in Avon last summer and missing out on the sale of those seeds, my daughter and I visited Pandy’s and bought 3 different varieties. Those to come later in the season!!








Old Dog Learns New Trick: Aperture

When I first started reading about the settings on cameras, and what each of them did, I found the following:

aperture controls the area over which light can enter your camera. 

The explanation that went with that statement was somewhat vague, and even moreso to a novice who was trying to get into photography on a serious level. It went on to describe how the larger the hole the more light that gets in – the smaller the hole the less light.

To me, that translated to brighter or darker. I mean, more light means brighter, less light is darker. Right? Duh?

Yea, um… Let me show you.

Aperture settings are measured in f-stops. An f-stop of 1.8 is larger than an f-stop of 22. The above photo was shot with an f-stop of 2.8. Notice that the lilies in the background are blurred and undefined. The focus is on the flower in the center and foreground.


The photo above was shot with the aperture set at f/13. See how the lilies are much clearer and sort of distracting in this shot.


F/1.8 was the setting for the above.

_1380290 Aperture (with the house very clear in the background) for this is f/16.

When you shoot in “Aperture Priority”, you control the f-stops and the camera will set the shutter speed. The reverse is true when you set it to “Shutter Priority”. On most cameras, these are the settings indicated by “A” and “S” on the dial, respectively.

Armed with this knowledge, get out of Auto or Program mode, and start shooting better pictures. Improve your photography skills and experiment with what YOU can do rather than what your camera can do for you.

City of Lorain Continues to Excel

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a piece on the goings-on around Lorain. Wanted to dedicate myself to photography and stay away from the political aspect of the city. Recent improvements, or lack thereof, caused me to end the drought.


A little over two weeks ago, I’m coming home from running around to find that the city has started tearing up the sidewalks in my neighborhood. Sweet. They’ve been long overdue, since the neighborhood was built back in the mid-60’s. I see orange barrels down Miami Ave at 39th, 38th and 37th Streets. I see them down 40th Street at Stanford, Kenyon and Cambridge Ave. I pull into my driveway, but the corner at my property and the other three at the intersection haven’t been done yet. No big deal. Probably get it on Monday. Beginning of the week comes, and they start pouring concrete at the dug-up corners, but I don’t even have orange barrels yet. I pass one of the workers and ask if they’re going to get it today, and he tells me he has no idea. Wonderful.


I call the Streets Dept. and talk to a young lady and explain the situation. She says she’ll notify the person in charge. A week later and still nothing, I’m feeling I’m going to have to press the issue, I message my councilman via Facebook. So guess what?? My corner is going to get done!!! Next. Summer. Greaaaaaaat. Thanks, Lorain. I tried getting this corner done when Foltin was mayor because my neighbor’s daughter was in a wheelchair, and she’d go around the block with them, and the curb was raised up, making it very difficult for her.


My councilman told me that ” (The) City has an agreement with ADA to install handicapped ramps at all intersections as roads are done.” Sweet. Unfortunately, The corner where it was REALLY needed is going to be one of the last to get done. Congrats, Lorain, you never cease to amaze me.