The Colony

With the warm weather, I was working in the flower beds, tidying things up. Some of the edging had been broken when I snowblowed this winter. I pulled up a long section and disrupted a large ant colony. Ooops. Couldn’t waste the opportunity.






2 thoughts on “The Colony

  1. Mark, those are carpenter ants. they build colonies by tunneling through wood. they can cause structural damage to your home, garage, shed, barn etc. they typically start their colonies inside dead or diseased trees, stacks of firewood, wood/lumber used in landscape gardening, etc. once they establish a colony, they typically set up “satellite” colonies nearby …this can mean moving from a dead tree in the yard to a structure on the property! I have just spent the last several weeks dealing with a carpenter ant infestation that started in a shed and moved into my garage! google them to find out more!

  2. Thanks for the info, Miss Maggie. I’m not quite sure these are carpenter ants because this colony has been in my flower bed for the last 12 years. My house is brick, so I may have gotten lucky in that respect.

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