Back to Chagrin Falls

Almost 6 years ago, I visited Chagrin Falls. A few cameras later, and lots more experience under my belt, I wanted to go back. Kristen wanted to go, too.














Chagrin Falls: The Rejects

A while ago, I posted a photo that almost got deleted because I didn’t think it was all that great. More than one person told me they thought it was a really good picture, which goes to show what I know. I guess I should just shoot’em, and let someone else sort’em out.

So, as I wind up the Chagrin Falls series, these are the shots that didn’t make it before today.




(Note: If there is a blue frame around a photo, clicking on the photo will open another window with a larger view.)

Walkin’ On Sunshine

Something about a crisp, fall day that seems to bring out the love. Goin’ for a walk, holding hands, looking at the leaves changing colors. When I was in Chagrin Falls two weekends ago, I couldn’t help but notice all the couples and the hand-holding. I’m sure that Saturday being Sweetest Day didn’t hurt, either. It was really something to see.