Things That’ll Kill You

On my first day back to work after the holidays, I ruptured my Achilles tendon going up a flight of stairs. I’ve been stuck in the house since January 4th, and was itching to shoot something. I had an idea for a shot I wanted to do, and the rest sort of came to me.








Miller Nature Preserve – LCMP

Kristen and I took a trip to the Conservatory at the LCMP’s Miller Nature Preserve in Avon. I had to find something with some color to shoot, because everything outside was wet, colorless and boring. Having been there before, and knowing what I’d find, I had to take a different approach. With the exception of very few shots, I took all my photos on the aperture setting. Pretty happy with the results.








Cats Got My Attention

While there are some really sweet photo ops this time of year, I’ve missed out on a few due to work or it just being horribly cold. Crashed out and recovering from a recent stint of night shifts, both of our cats, TJ and Penny, came up and joined me. Wanting to dust off the camera, I grabbed it and started firing. Both were patient (and comfortable) enough to let me.