St. Nicholas Byzantine Alumni Reunion

One hundred years ago Sunday, September 14, St. Nicholas Byzantine Catholic Church was dedicated. This past year has seen many different events, get-togethers, a picnic, a pysanky display and, back in July, an alumni reunion. While I posted these to Facebook after the event, I failed to remember that there are many more people that aren’t on FB that would like to see the pics from these events.





































Santa Claus and St. Nicholas Byzantine Catholic Church

Along with the Model Train Display at Black River Landing, there is the International Tree Display. St. Nicholas Church has a Christmas Eve Holy Supper display, along with informative write-ups about the Nativity, the Church’s upcoming centennial anniversary, and a piece detailing how Santa Claus originated from St. Nicholas.










Hi and welcome to the Lorain County Photographer’s Blog! What I, and eventually we, hope to do here, is offer a site to local photographers to display their work to whomever they want, without those people having to register to view the pictures, or obligate anyone in anyway to purchase something. This is for Lorain County residents to show the beauty and scenery of the area, to family and friends, and really, anyone they want.  I also think that at some point, we could use ‘How To’ sessions, to educate folks about settings on their cameras that they may not be familiar with, using software like Adobe Photoshop, and even answering questions from readers.

To those friends and family and any and all visitors, please feel free to comment on the pictures that you see, as we all like to hear that the pictures we take are appealing to someone else. So, on that note, I hope you bookmark this site, and return regularly to enjoy the beauty of the county that we call ‘Home.’