St. Nicholas Byzantine Alumni Reunion

One hundred years ago Sunday, September 14, St. Nicholas Byzantine Catholic Church was dedicated. This past year has seen many different events, get-togethers, a picnic, a pysanky display and, back in July, an alumni reunion. While I posted these to Facebook after the event, I failed to remember that there are many more people that aren’t on FB that would like to see the pics from these events.





































One thought on “St. Nicholas Byzantine Alumni Reunion

  1. Mark, I attended Linda and Bruce’s Wedding last week and it was truly lovely! I’m sure you captured on film the spirit and essence of their beautiful union. I am hopeful that you would still consider taking photos at Paul and my Wedding 9/5/15 but understand if you choose to decline.

    I came back to this website to take a closer look at your creative and beautiful photographs. I especially loved this section on the church. Not only are the pictures gorgeous, but I valued learning new information about the church through your photos and explanations. You are a gift to the church family. With heartfelt kindness I say thank you for sharing your gift as it has strengthened my byzantine/Christian heart today. With warmest regards, Pam

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