PhotoPhun Challenge: Unusual View

Chuck called this one a few weeks ago, giving us all a headstart on today’s challenge. I can’t find where I posted what Lisa said Chuck said, but I started looking everywhere for things I wouldn’t normally shoot, or something that would be downright odd if photographed. Hope what I got fits the bill for Chuck’s challenge. Make sure to see what Lisa and Chuck (he better have something!!) and Ree got.

Caught this guy in the flower beds last week.

Thought a close-up of this key was interesting.

Dill pickles over bread and butter pickles.

 Gotta have popcorn to go with a movie or the latest “House” episode.

Macro of the ceiling texture.

Lady’s one of the sweetest cats I’ve ever had for a pet, but she was driving me crazy while I tried to get this pic. Must’ve taken me 10 shots and 12 treats for her so that I could get this.

One of the baseball trophies my kids earned.

So, that’s what I got. Not sure who’s up next to call one. I thought? someone may have suggested a challenge but I’ve been busy this past week and can’t remember. We’ve also gotta get Loraine to put into the words the theme she mentioned a few weeks ago, that would take part of the summer to do.


PhotoPhun Challenge: Straight and Narrow

Straight or the Straight and Narrow. Sounds pretty simple. Or is it?


Straight and narrow, from our view.

Almost straight, but definitely narrow.

Straight AND Narrow.

This is what what happens when you fall off the straight and narrow path.

This was kinda tough because when you REALLY looked at something and it wasn’t as straight as you may have thought. Watch Lisa and Ree turn me into a great big liar. Go check them out and see what they shot.

For next week, Chuck has called “Unusual Views”. Should be a lot of phun, so take it and run with it!!!

PhotoPhun Challenge: Signs of Spring

One of the few challenges that I picked that didn’t take long to come up with an idea: Signs of Spring. T’is the season, right? It’s been rainin’ so much you almost expected to see Noah around the corner. Flowers are blooming, the birds are singing as early as 5:30 in the morning, and the grass looks really green. For now. So, getting pics shouldn’t be too difficult. Lisa and Ree should have some really good shots, so be sure to check them out!! Chuck has called “Unusual Views” for May 8th, 2 weeks from today. I asked Lisa to explain a little bit, and she posted:What I get out of talking to him about it is “unusual views of things you see everyday”.

Pussy willows that were passed out on Palm Sunday before Liturgy.

One of the flowers blooming in the garden next to the garage. Will have to ask Mar about this.

Pink hydrangeas on the altar at St. Nicholas’ last night after the Resurrection Liturgy.

Yellow mums next to the hydrangeas.

One of my squirrels. I thought he’d enjoy some whole wheat bread with his roasted peanuts, and he did!!

PhotoPhun Challenge: Urban Macro

Lisa called “Urban Macro” for this challenge. I had to go look this up, to see exactly what this entailed. I ended up finding some examples of this on Flickr, and I looked for something similar. Some of mine are macros, some are not. It’s a little difficult (IMHO) finding enough macros to fit this, but I thought I did OK. Don’t forget to check out Lisa and Ree!!

PhotoPhun Challenge: Numbers

Odds. Evens. Prime. Fibonacci. Fractions. Squares. Numbers. Ree called numbers this week. There are numbers everywhere. On the phone. The remote control. Measuring cups and spoons. License plates and price tags.

Where do you start? Where do you stop? What does photographing this one and not that one say about you?

Let’s see what I’ve got and I’ll tell you a little something about why I shot it.

This is right across the street from the Eastern Buffet on Oberlin Avenue. Some of the best ‘buffet’ sushi I’ve found. Check it out!

Since I got the first shot, and had some time on my hands, I drove north. When I saw this, I was almost sick to my stomach. What the hell?? What’s worse is that that number is even higher today.

Caught at that stupid light on 5th and Oberlin. No matter what direction I’m traveling, I get stuck there. Since I had to wait, I thought I’d shoot. Bang! 20mph. 

I deleted a bunch because I’d slow down due to more red lights and just as I’d get the camera ready, I’d get the green. And the pics would be blurry. And don’t try to aim, focus and drive because that is so not safe. Trust me.

So I’m coming home from work one morning and I get stuck (again!!) on West Erie in front of Lakeview Park. (I need to talk to someone that works for the City about getting the lights on West Erie fixed. Anyone else usually get stopped at the light right in front of the park with the large “V”?? Don’t get me started.) I’m watching the sign change and “Hey!! NUMBERS!! Woo-WOOOOOOOOO!! And in the dark!!”

And then it changed again. MORE numbers!!

Not to mention a plug for the Rose Cafe on Friday’s.

So, that’s what I got. Nothin’ odd about it. And I did it in a fraction of the time I thought I’d need.

Make sure you see what Ree and Lisa scored!! Ha! I’ve got a MILLION of ’em!!


Update: I was pulling pics off my memory card from today’s Clearview baseball and softball games and found two more pics I took that I forgot about:

Another plug for another Lorain business!!



PhotoPhun Challenge: Free-For-All

I drew a blank, I’ll admit it. My brain has been fried the last few weeks, between working nights and coordinating where Mike and Kristen are with baseball/softball practice and times. Except for the challenges on Sunday, I haven’t had a chance to do diddly. So, since it was warm on Friday, and Kristen got dropped off at Clearview for a 3-game tournament with the Varsity Softball team in Cincinnati, Mike had practice that afternoon, Mar was at the college, I was taking some time for myself and to shoot something. It’d been way too long. And I thought I’d do some extra for this post, to try and make up.

I started down at Hot Waters, wanting to do an HDR of the Lighthouse. Not wanting to shoot from the lot immediately west of the launch, I noticed the railing across the water west of the lot. Walking over to look, it didn’t look all that pedestrian-friendly, but if I let everything like that dictate where I shoot, I’ll take some boring photos. I started walking, carefully, pushing the brush out of the way, and watching where I stepped.  As I got about halfway, a gander in the water started honking at me. Wondering what his problem was, I just kept on. A few more steps revealed a goose, sitting close to the rail. Two steps even closer revealed the nest she just stood up from, and brought Daddy up from the water. I stopped walking and weighed my options. There wasn’t a lot of room to sidestep the nest, and they definitely weren’t going to fly away if I came closer. That’s when Daddy decided he needed to protect his unborn babies. Knowing he might come at me, I had my right hand on the top of my tripod. Daddy ran at me, waving his wings, and launched himself into the air at me, honking loudly. Swinging the tripod around, I snapped it, spreading the legs wide, and caught Daddy in mid-flight, and directed him over the water where he glided back down, still honking at me. Bent, he flew back up, and continued the chorus with his Mrs.

Since they were raising a huge ruckus, and I didn’t want folks thinkin’ I was hurting them, I turned around and went back, planning on coming back when the babies were hatched and gone.

After the Lighthouse, I cruised around downtown, more or less looking for some places that are considered landmarks in the City. I did’em all up, HDR-style, for something different. Hope you enjoy!

Make sure to see what tickled Lisa’s and Ree’s and Jim’s fancies this past week! And whoever’s up next for pickin’ the Challenge, let me know ’cause I lost track. Again.


Photophun Challenge: Odd Foods

Odd foods. Hmmmm. I don’t go too wild with the things I eat. You see those food shows on cable with spicy foods, and monster burgers and such. Then you catch the specials that have people eating live scorpions, cricket croutons, deep-fried tarantulas. That’s as close as I’ll get: watching them on the tube. The wildest I get with my eating is sushi and sashimi. So, the only thing I could think of for this challenge is a Middle-Eastern dip that was introduced to me when I was in college.


Basem and Basma were brother and sister from Libya, living in a neighboring building in my apartment complex. I promised to bring beer to a movie night if Basem made hummus, and showed me how it was done. He did, and I did, and we destroyed a batch of hummus. It’s a dip made with chick peas, lemon juice, garlic, olive oil, some salt and tahini, a paste made from sesame seeds.

Until recently, I’ve been making it with canned chick peas, and it’s been good, but not good enough. Two 16oz cans of peas makes a double batch. Not too long ago, I found dried chick peas at Giant Eagle, and thought I’d try those. So, I soak them in water overnight, cook’em, and proceed with the recipe. With the chick peas and the liquids in the food processor, I’m adding olive oil. And adding. And adding. And I cannot for the life of me figure out why it’s not getting moist like it should. Then it dawns on me. Sixteen ounces of dried chick peas rehydrated is probably the equivalent of a quadruple batchDuh. So, I get everything added and it’s awesome. And smooth. And I’ll never go back to canned peas again.

So, with that said, make sure you check out everyone else and see what they’ve got for eatin’!! See what’s on the menu at Lisa’s, Ree’s, and Jim’s.

Also, check out the foods that Kris has sampled. He’s had pumpkin stuff, apples in different foods, blueberry corn dogs, and the foods at the Feast of the Assumption.