Mayor Tony K’s Adding to His List

In April, I discussed an article that detailed local cities getting money from the Neighborhood Stabilization Program, set up by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The City of Lorain received over $3 million from the Program, and the last line of that post asked “So, Mr. Mayor, what is the plan for this money?”

Today, I find the Mayor’s knock-down list has grown by another 18 houses. As I scanned the addresses, some of them looked familiar. And there was a reason, too. Because they’ve been featured in past FISI’s.

311 W. 14th Street,

and 217 W. 15th Street, were featured in the same FISI here.


520 W. 18th Street was the lead photo for this FISI, and the MJ lead with this property on their front page.

Finally, FINALLY, this one at 216 Lake Place is being taken care of. I’ve written about this, and Loraine wrote about it, too.

The City’s Building, Health and Engineering Dept’s will need to do inspections of the homes to determine if they meet the established criteria of a public nuisance. This could take anywhere from 2 to 6 months. The Prosecutor’s office will then need the Court to declare the houses nuisances, and the Board of Health will need to determine who will foot the bill.

This is a looooooong time coming, but it’s getting done. Much more is getting done than under the previous administration. I’m not too thrilled about the timeframe for this happening. There has to be a way to speed up the process. How about a dedicated Housing Court?


Get the Word Out!

Saturday’s Rally in Council’s chambers was a request for volunteers to help get the word out about the license plate fee vote that’s coming up in November. It was also a chance to get some key points straight on this increase:

1. By State law, monies can only be used for road rehab/replacement and materials. They CANNOT be used for salaries, raises or equipment. Money goes strictly to roads.

2. Road Improvement Plan:

     $5 million in immediate projects to make an impact

     $125K a year in additional crack sealing (to protect and add life to the investment in the roads)

     $140K a year to leverage for additional grant money

Cost per month – $1.25  WOW!!!

compared to the alternative:

$119 for a new tire

$199 for a new rim

$60 for an alignment

Folks talk about attracting new businesses to Lorain first, and THEN having the money to improve the roads? There are issues now where the City is getting phone calls from businesses because they are suffering breakage in transporting goods to customers. Businesses we have NOW are upset with the roads, do you really think we’ll attract NEW ONES??

    Vote YES on Issue 20 – The Road For A Better Lorain



FISI Makes It Happen?

Back when I was a WoMbat, through the course of the day, the group of us would trade info back and forth via email, and bounce ideas off of each other. If it didn’t get shot up too badly, we’d give it a try. 

Through email conversations with Scott and Michele and Loraine, “Fame It – Shame It” was born in August of ’07. There were lots of properties in Lorain that were literally falling down. And Brian Hazelett had a list longer than my arm stored up in his noggin. So, cooperating with Bill Desvari (he’s not the bad guy folks think) of the Building Dept. at one point, we started featuring the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. And we got results.

With a new administration, the results continue.

In the local paper, Tony K announced his intention of razing decrepit houses and buildings. Three more from FISI fame are on his list. In this FISI at WoM, the first property listed is 2313 Elyria Ave. One that didn’t make it into a FISI but did get submitted to the Building Dept was 332/334 W. 17th St. (Actually, I did mention it!! In a letter to Tony K!)

On April 16th, as a favor to my friends Scott and Michele, I did a piece about 1401 W. 19th St. This beast has been gnawing on the neighborhood, and causing consternation for a few years. It’s also on Tony’s list.

I’m going to find out from Tony what else is on his list (try, anyway). And I will cover the progress of the above listed properties. And I will bring it here to you.

What I need you to do is bring me MORE. Buster’s Momma has been wonderful to me in providing photographic fodder for FISI, here and here and HERE!

You want to see Lorain cleaned up? Let’s do it!! Get me more addresses and I’ll get YOU more FISI. And, with time and money, Tony K will get the City to clean up more messes.

Did FISI make all this happen? Good chance. Three of the first six listed by Tony K were ones that I made an issue about. That’s pretty good. And it’s a start. Help me get more houses. And hopefully, Tony will find a way to bring’em down.  

WE can make this happen. But, WE have to work. Together.

(In response to Kendra’s comment, it would be easier for me to get the pics and upload them rather than anyone else. All I need you folks to do is get me addresses. You can post them here, or email me at

Lucas Is In The Championship!!!

Lucas played an exciting game against #2-seeded Angelo’s Pizza tonight, a nail-biter to the end (and made me hoarse in the process!).

Jumping out to a 2-0 lead in the top of the 1st, they turned around and gave up 3 runs in the bottom of the inning. The next 2 innings were scoreless as good pitching and excellent defense prevented either team from scoring. In the top of the 4th, Lucas eked out 2 more runs to take the lead, 4-3. They then held Angelo’s scoreless in the inning and put one more across in the top of the 5th, in what appeared to be icing on the cake.

Such was not the case, as Angelo’s wasn’t giving up that easy. Taking advantage of some small miscues and some well-placed hitting, Angelo’s scored twice to tie the game at 5 going into the top of the 6th and final inning.

With one out, Kristen Teleha drove a double to left field and scored the tie-breaking run on a hard hit single by Ricardo Marrero. Angelo’s retired the next 2 hitters, and then had their turn at the plate.

Mark Krasienko took the mound for the second consecutive inning, the team’s ‘closer’. An error allowed the first batter to reach first. Mark then beared down and struck out the next two hitters. With 2 outs, Angelo’s’ 4th hitter drove the ball to shallow left, and the fielders were after it. With the runner rounding second and having been given the green light to 3rd, Luke Krasienko came up with the ball, and the footrace was on. Luke got ahead of the runner and put the tag on as he slid into 3rd base. The umpire punched the air, signaling the third out, and a championship berth for Lucas Plumbing.

Getting 2 hits or more in the game were Mark Krasienko with 3; Kristen Teleha and Ricardo Marrero with 2 apiece. Mark, Kristen and Ricardo each had a double as one of their hits as well. The winning pitcher was Mark Krasienko and the Game Winning RBI was credited to Ricardo Marrero.

Celebrating the victory, Coach Tony Krasienko treated the players and their families to pizza at where else? Angelo’s Pizza!!

The Marrero Family

Half of the Mom's Table

The other half of the Mom's Table

Antonio Melendez, Billy Quillen and Tristan Barnes

Logan, Malik, Mark, Ricardo, Anthony, Alex, Luke, Alec

Coach Otto and Coach Tony

a young Melendez, Willie Melendez and Kristen Teleha

 Luke (standing), Billy, Antonio and Kristen outside Angelo's

Lucas will play a best-of-3 series this weekend against the winner of a playoff game between Personal Stitch and Angelo’s Pizza.


The Captain Docks at Portside For International

Lorain welcomed its first official guest of the International Festival yesterday as the Captain docked at the Black River Landing yesterday afternoon. Guided down by carver Bud Emerson, he of the 2nd Street Carvings fame, the Captain will remain at BRL until after the Festival next weekend.

Bud, only using trees that have been taken down for a reason and never cutting just to carve, inverted this trunk for the Captain. With three branches splitting off from the main trunk, Bud turned two of them into waves on the sides of the ship and the foremost branch became the bow of the ship and the water it was cutting through.

Bow of the ship

Using a small torch, Bud burned parts of the sculpture to add definition and contrast.

Grateful for the reception he’s received and the appreciation shown for his work, Bud donated a carving of an eagle to the City of Lorain.  On hand to thank him for his work was Lorain Mayor Tony Krasienko,

and Service Director Robert Gilchrist.

Krasienko and Gilchrist

Be sure to stop by the Depot sometime next weekend to see the Captain.