Forecast for Lorain: Unlimited Potential, Pride and Progress

That was the theme throughout Mayor Anthony Krasienko’s State of the City address this afternoon at DeLuca’s Place in the Park. Though the weather outside was overcast and bitterly cold, the atmosphere inside was warm, optimistic, and above all, positive.

Mayor Krasienko started his address by saying that the City has a “potential greater than [he] imagined” when he was campaigning for the position. His primary focus right now is insuring safety and the creation and retention of jobs within the City. Working with CenturyTel, roughly 100-250 street lights have been identified as needing addressed, at no cost to the City. He is also asking the citizens to “Light Up Lorain”, by turning on their front lights in the evening, to help police and neighbors prevent crime.

He has asked the Police Dept to devise a plan for the digital surveillance of the small businesses throughout Lorain. He commended the work of the Dept. for the quick solutions of recent crimes, which included the murders of two local store owners, and robberies.

He commended Council, various community leaders, the Rotary Club, who, together with the Lorain County MetroParks, invested $2.7 million in Lakeview Park in 2007 alone. This was truly a “partnership made in heaven.”

He spoke of Charleston Village and Bud Emerson, who, together with the City, have turned what was almost a horrible disfiguring blow to the 2nd Street neighborhood, into a beautiful sight, and draw for the City.

Success also comes in the form of the Premier Soccer Academy. A one-of-a-kind establishment, located in Lorain, will host tournaments later this summer.

He spoke of assets within the City in the form of the waterfront, being marketed by the Staubach  Co.;

of The Pipeyard, home to the Cleveland State Vikings baseball team,  

of the Deerfield development and Lighthouse Village, which will bring more stores and business to the City,

of IRG’s purchase of the Ford site, whose businesses will bring more employees and job opportunities to the City,

of the Riverbend Industrial Park, and the work of the Lorain Growth Corporation.

Lorain will no longer follow the pack, but will lead the charge, he exclaimed.

He spoke of the people appointed to the various positions in his administration, and of their strengths, and how they will help the City move forward;

of how the City must be business-friendly in the future, and to change its mentality in attracting jobs, maintaining an open mind, and have meaningful discussions with interested businesses.

‘We must all be ambassadors of the City,’ and we can all help to change the images people have of the city.

His goals of the attraction and retention of businesses has been helped by a survey of the current business community, and he looks forward to taking on the challenge which, with council’s help, will help “to move Lorain forward.”

A 10pm phone call to his residence Wednesday night from Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton confirmed that she will be making a visit to the city in the near future; thus making Lorain a little bit more than just a blip on the map, and placing us right into the national spotlight.

With a thanks to everyone for coming, his address ended. Back out into the bitter cold of today, but with a warm, sunny positive outlook for the future.


9 thoughts on “Forecast for Lorain: Unlimited Potential, Pride and Progress

  1. H.
    Thanks for doing this. There’s important stuff here (I think it’s important) that I didn’t read in either the MJ or CT.

    You write about

    He has asked the Police Dept to devise a plan for the digital surveillance of the small businesses throughout Lorain.

    Did you get any impression or idea what Krasienko meant by “digital surveillance”? At face value – I’m reading that as a network of security cameras tied back in to/with the LPD.

    How off base am I?

  2. Scott,

    That’s exactly how I interpreted it. Seeing as how it’s so much easier to hit the small, private businesses than the larger chains, Tony scores some big points here. Sounds like he’s making a solid effort against the crime that has recently swept the City, this coupled with the address of the street lights, and asking folks to ‘Light Up Lorain.’

    Keep your fingers crossed.

  3. According to Tony, he said that she said she’d be here.

    Heard on WEOL tonight that Tony would look into using one of the high schools, or possibly the soccer academy to accomodate everyone.

  4. At one of the Lorain Growth Meetings I met a gentleman from Whittguard Security Service here in Lorain. We were discussing the possiblity of putting one of the digital surveillance cameras in each streetcar and having the motorman in radio contact with the police dispatcher. The cameras are very small, easy to install and stream to the internet.
    Like having an extra patrol car out there.

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