Dear Tony K,

There’s been a ton of feedback in the paper and on the streets concerning your investment plan. Folks have already come to the conclusion that you’re a one-term Mayor. I will remind you that this is pretty much what did Koziura in. He wanted the plate tax for the sewer system and etc. He proposed his increase in an election year though, and had Foltin tell the world that the plate tax was unnecessary, and the majority, like fools, believed him. Which would explain why we are where we are today, not to mention that Foltin was a landlord and seemed to be unusually sympathetic to the LELA, and there wasn’t much done to the deteriorating housing stock in this City.

Krasienko’s plan would add $591,000 annually in staff costs to the building, engineering and parks departments, plus make a $3.2 million outlay for equipment, updated zoning and property codes and facilities to enable the city to achieve the improvements he envisions.
His proposed income tax credit reduction would put an estimated $3 million a year more in Lorain’s coffers to pay for his program and to bring Lorain’s budget into the black by 2010 for the first time in years.

There’s no doubt that the codes need updated and rewritten. I said as much at a meeting back in November. People are getting around codes when they are cited by bringing a lawyer to the hearing to get them off. (Personally, I would think that taking care of the problem would be easier and cheaper, but…)

Councilpersons Given, Szabo and Flores are all on board, acknowledging that though it will be unpopular, and that there’s the threat of people “storming City Hall with pitchforks,” it is definitely necessary.

You’re going to stomp me a few times with this proposal, Tony, I want you to know.  Both my Mrs. and I work outside the City, so we’ll both be nailed by the income tax reduction. Ouch.  And with two vehicles, and the cost for plates being what it is,….. Double-Ouch.

But doing a recall vote to have you removed is waaaay out of the question. The City is in definite need of a good repair job, especially considering the roads and the housing stock.  And you being less than 5 months into your first term (Please God, don’t let me regret this), I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt, and say, “Let’s do this.”

If you can make scenes like this

and this

disappear, with a good repair and not an extra helping of soft patch, I’m in.

And if you can do something so that houses that look like this


and this

disappear, or are repaired the correct way, you can have my extra $30 worth of plate tax right now.

I have just one teeny tiny favor to ask.

Could you do something about this one first?



8 thoughts on “Dear Tony K,

  1. Henrey,
    It was reported that the real price tag to repair our roads was about 70 million according to one of the local papers. Floating a bond fixes some of our roads, but unless our city can figure out how to at least maintain some of the others, we’re sticking our fingers in a dike and won’t have enough fingers to fill the holes.

    I am also willing to pay some more to maintain and improve our roads. I would be willing to bet some pizza and suds that close to 75 to 90 percent of the hot patch repairs that have been so far this year are gone by next spring and washed down our sewers.

  2. Brian,

    No bet. I’d be surprised if there were any of the repairs evident come next year.

    Reading TP letter’s and the posts on its website, I gotta wonder if I’m too trusting or naive when it comes to this. One writer in the Letters section demands that Tony come up with another way to fund these repairs (course, she 8itches about everything under the sun, too, for what it’s worth). What does she want him to do? Tax businesses more? We’re losing them left and right, and those that remain aren’t doing that great as it is. If you lay folks off, then you have no one left to DO the repairs, and then what?

    I don’t know anymore. I really don’t. BitchBitchBitch because the roads suck, and infrastructure sucks, and everything else sucks, and where’s the %$&* plan? So, here’s the plan, and oh no! That sucks! Get ANOTHER plan!!

  3. ……from what I’ve read so far, that’s no plan. That’s just a money-grab with no explanation of how things will improve, how the money generated will be spent on “fixin our roads”. We’re going to get new cars for the housing insp., four now, 2 every year after. the Plan recommends (key word: recommened) propeerty maint. codes and landlord licensing. but will it be implemented? I don’t know, but there are other ways to generate income besides taxing those that work outside the city. What about the 5 bucks (I know it ain’t much, but..)wwe already pay, how has that money been spent? Remember, that money was to “fix our roads” also. One way to help Lorain would be to implement a residency law. Alot of our top salaried officials AND employees live outside Lorain, are they penalized like you and me and so many others. We spend our disposable income here, but they do not, and that has helped put Lorain in such a bad position. Mark my words, this will end up in a referrendum on the ballot in November. Just my thoughts.

  4. I can see where you are going Henrey about the whole, why do people bitch and then offer nothing in support when something is presented.

    I actually support doing something to even include paying for it. I am however not supportive of financing road improvements when we have no maintenance plan for the rest of our streets. Does our streets commissioner even care that when our employees go out that they are not even making the EFFORT to do a halfway decent repair?

    This is the problem that our city is just ignoring. I believe that if the way our roads are not being taken now are any reflection of what is coming after the increase, we are wasting our money.

  5. I thought I just read that right off the bat, this will put $750,000 right into an account dedicated solely to the streets.

    That’s something, isn’t it?

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