St. Nicholas Byzantine Alumni Reunion

One hundred years ago Sunday, September 14, St. Nicholas Byzantine Catholic Church was dedicated. This past year has seen many different events, get-togethers, a picnic, a pysanky display and, back in July, an alumni reunion. While I posted these to Facebook after the event, I failed to remember that there are many more people that aren’t on FB that would like to see the pics from these events.




































Daytripper: University of Toledo

Took a quick tour through the U of T campus the day after my visit to the Toledo Zoo. Wanted to see what had changed since the last time I was there in ’89. Wow, that was a loooooong time ago.   


 New residence hall at one corner of the campus. Ottawa West Residence Hall.

 Horton International House. No idea what this is, or who it might be for.

This used to be the corner drugstore. Quick stop for snacks, brews, etc.

My home for 2 years. The center building is Nash Hall, and my room was just above the main entrance. Lots of good memories. Lots of drinkin’ done here.

 The fountain at the Student Union. I remember numerous times soap being put into the fountain as a prank and there being bubbles everywhere.

The Clock Tower. One weekend, two friends and I went “exploring”. With our cameras we headed to the tower, where there’s a ledge beneath the actual clock. There’s an access door to the roof from one of the classroom hallways.  So we made our way onto the roof, hammed for some pics under the clock, and looked out over the interior part of the campus. Someone (probably me) decided it would be cool to bounce pennies off the pavement below, quite a way below. This went on for about 5-10 minutes and then we headed down. About 50 feet outside the building, two campus security cops came running up, said they’d received a call about some students dropping something from the roof, and did we see them. I could actually “feel” my friends stiffen up and get nervous behind me. Without hesitation, I told the cops we didn’t see anything, but we did pass a group of students on the 3rd floor. They thanked us and ran past. I made sure we “casually” walked around the corner, out of sight, before we sprinted back to the dorm.

My last home on campus. I applied for and received the position of RA, or Resident Advisor. In the interview process, I was asked if there was anything that concerned me about being an RA. My only “fear” was having to confront one of the student athletes in a disciplinary situation. So where was my assignment? The jock dorm. I had a blast!! I was responsible for some really great guys, and some really bad ones. More details later.


Fraternity and sorority houses in their own area of the campus.

Rocket Stadium, with the addtion of the “press box” on the left, that was not there when I was.

The interior of the Main Campus. Very well-kept, very beautiful. Always a job well done.

Business Buildings.

LHS: It Is Finished…

This was the view from Washington Avenue this morning at 8:50am, as DEMEX awaited the arrival of a manlift and hydraulic jackhammer to complete the demolition of the Lorain High/Middle School site.

Cable was threaded through niches in the chimney brick, pulled around the stack and secured, and then attached to an excavator, which pulled the cable taut.

A hydraulic jackhammer rolls into position, to take out the base of the stack, which will aid in bringing it down. With the target area painted in orange, he’ll position himself right in harm’s way.


Watch it come down…

And Poof!! It’s gone.

Just a pile of bricks is left.

And the memories…

Lorain High School – 1876 – 2010

(I found I was able to brighten the video just a bit and also slow it down, so that you can see a little more detail as the chimney goes down.)