The Captain Docks at Portside For International

Lorain welcomed its first official guest of the International Festival yesterday as the Captain docked at the Black River Landing yesterday afternoon. Guided down by carver Bud Emerson, he of the 2nd Street Carvings fame, the Captain will remain at BRL until after the Festival next weekend.

Bud, only using trees that have been taken down for a reason and never cutting just to carve, inverted this trunk for the Captain. With three branches splitting off from the main trunk, Bud turned two of them into waves on the sides of the ship and the foremost branch became the bow of the ship and the water it was cutting through.

Bow of the ship

Using a small torch, Bud burned parts of the sculpture to add definition and contrast.

Grateful for the reception he’s received and the appreciation shown for his work, Bud donated a carving of an eagle to the City of Lorain.  On hand to thank him for his work was Lorain Mayor Tony Krasienko,

and Service Director Robert Gilchrist.

Krasienko and Gilchrist

Be sure to stop by the Depot sometime next weekend to see the Captain.


24 thoughts on “The Captain Docks at Portside For International

  1. Oh My Gosh,
    I’m not going to mention any names but anyone that worked in the Mold Yard at USSKOBE will recognize the “captain”.


  2. Really sorry to hear you say that, Rico, but I can tell you that you’re in the minority.
    The residents on 2nd Street are thrilled to have these, and the sponsors wouldn’t be putting out the money if they didn’t think they were a draw.
    Oster, CT Consultants, Lorain Foundation and Lakeland Health Care Corp, and the City of Lorain have carvings with their names on them.
    And the area is definitely drawing folks who are quite impressed.

  3. Rico they are part of grouping with a park like green space around them eventually however we have been stopped in mid project thanks to the storage of the stone etc……
    but I guees you will have to go down another street….to find what you are looking for …….

  4. Momma,

    The Captain is outside, on the south side of the Depot. He’ll be there ’til just after the International, when (hopefully) his home on 2nd Street will be available for him to move into.

    Bud still has to treat the Captain with a polyurethane to protect him from the elements. I believe he is done with the burning, so when he can get a stretch of good weather, he’ll do the treatment.

  5. Sometimes new things scare people from appreciating the hand=crafted arts. Believe me, in many states, hand-crafted arts are celebrated, promoted and encouraged. Rico, instead of bashing something different, or not quite up to you standards of “fine art”, celebrate the fact that the “stumps” are being recycled into something easy to look at, instead of just being left as rotting hulks that devalue the homes, street and community.

  6. Sometimes new things scare people from appreciating the hand-crafted arts. Believe me, in many states, hand-crafted arts are celebrated, promoted and encouraged. Rico, instead of bashing something different, or not quite up to you standards of “fine art”, celebrate the fact that the “stumps” are being recycled into something easy to look at, instead of just being left as rotting hulks that devalue the homes, street and community.

  7. Then you and I don’t walk and talk in the same circles, Rico.

    Everyone I’ve talked to, and their families hail from ‘the North’, think of Bud’s carvings as beautiful works of art (which they are) and are definitely drawing traffic to our downtown area. The owner of K-Cream Korner thinks they are great as he commissioned Bud to do Daffy Duck. He’s also interested in getting more around his store.

    When I was there watchiing Bud carve Daffy, people in cars were slowing down and some even stopped to talk to Bud, some just to watch, kids stopped by and were taking pictures with their cell phone cameras. One gentleman stopped and asked Bud for a business card as he had numerous trees in his backyard that he was going to take down, and wanted to have Bud carve some of them.

    You are the first person I’ve come across that has had a negative opinion of these carvings.

  8. Whatever you say, Rico.

    Suffice it to say, you don’t like the carvings. Fine. It would go much better if you simply said, they’re not to my taste. But to go as far as to say they are ‘hillbilly’, classless, ‘fancy firewood’, favored by ‘down home folks’, and to imply that people are just telling me what I want to hear, crosses the line of good judgement.

    It goes without saying that Bud makes a living off of doing this, that he is a regional rep and tours the country doing demonstrations again illustrates and strengthens my argument that you are in the minority.

    You also must think me ignorant to think that I wouldn’t know when someone’s lying to me. But, as I said, you’re entitled to your opinion.

    My opinion is that you have issues other than these carvings to have come here only to slam something that so many people enjoy. Whatever it is, it’s your business. But I’d appreciate it if you kept your comments to what you feel and not slam other people.

  9. Henery it seems you and I have come to the same conclusion re Rico I classified him/her/it as a sock puppet on my site and have removed its posts until they come out of their cyber closet .I believe it is just another “twit” who is using their wooden spoon….. who knows it could be angry in amherst or Iron E so considering the source of a non person I have unapproved the non person….as I think their agenda may be something other than critiquing and wants to be just plain insulting for insults sake . Loraine

  10. Ok point taken I am not asking you to like them support them or look at them ..I am just asking you not to be insulting and to to be patient until we are finished with the “whole” project… they are not finished by any means…..I would also suggest you come to Port Fest and meet Bud and watch him work. If you still feel as you do then don’t go down 2nd street simple as that …. pleanty of other scenic drives in Lorain

  11. Oh and Rico I left the Wom months ago in January…..and I write under my own name and have done for 30 years check it out I don’t hide behind a “nom de plume” unlike you for instance…..

  12. I knew you had an agenda, Rico.
    Any chance that the people you talk to are telling you what you want to hear and wrinkling their noses at you behind your back?
    Better check, because it wouldn’t surprise me.

    Anyway, I think you’ve made your point, Rico. You don’t like them, nor do your acquaintances.

    Thanks for letting us know.

    Have a wonderful day.

  13. I am a cyber troll!!!
    I am a cyber troll!!!
    I am a cyber troll!!!

    That’s the nicest thing I have been called in a long time, thank you Ricco!!!!

    My engineers have been trying to finalize the plans to mass produce the WOM JUICE that pollutes the minds of so many so lock your doors and bolt the locks!!!

    And Ricco, just so ya know about my taste in art. Last years Christmas Tree was decorated with a Mad Dog bottle as the angel and Old Milwalkee cans. I just might take it down the Christmas decorations and put up my forth of July Decorations as soon as I clean out the dog hair from my navel.

  14. And don’t let anyone ever say that I am not a classy person. Just the other day I splurged and took my wife out for a seven course meal.

    I picked up a bucket of KFC and a six pack!

  15. Ran into a problem with the dog hair. For some reason I can’t get it out so I’ll just have to leave the Christmas tree up for a while longer.

    I forget to tell you that I actually need the dog hair as it is part of my annual forth of July decoration package.

  16. Loraine it was a google search, took all of thirty seconds…

    Good advice I’ll wait and see when the project is finished.

  17. I think the carvings are wonderful. I drive past once in a while (when the road’s passible)just to look at them. Other cities I’ve been in put up colorful statues of fish, cows, vases, and more as art. I think our carvings are a good reflection of our history.

  18. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I have been truly sickened by comments made by a certain someone in regards to the subject of this article.

    Normally, I do not edit people’s comments, but I had to make an exception this time as the comments would come up if searched for, and I will not have that, nor be party to this person’s agenda, of which I am the subject.

    If you want to ‘hurt’ me, then come after me. Do not go after those that I hold dear.

    You run the risk of feeling that of which I am truly capable.

    To quote ‘Bruce Banner’ of Incredible Hulk fame, “You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.”

    And I truly mean that.

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