The Chair At BRL

The Chair Offers A Seat to The Captain


The Chair Offers a Seat to The Captain


And Then Poses Next to Him


The Captain Will Be at Black River Landing for the International Festival

July 27, 28 and 29 Oooops!

June 27, 28 and 29

(Thanks Lisa!)



6 thoughts on “The Chair At BRL

  1. Henery,
    I think you meant JUNE 27, 28, 29 for the International Festival. 🙂
    Good thing the chair is there to offer the captain a seat – he’s looking a little stiff!

  2. Loraine,

    re: his “back is up”

    Does that mean his back is sore?

    Google was no help to me tonight. 😦
    I shouldn’t say that.
    I did learn some neat new things to say, and Bob’s your uncle!

  3. No , basically when you think of … let us say a dog … when they aren’t happy or something is amiss you will watch the hackles on their back raise up and that has turned into “his back is up” meaning not too pleased 🙂 and since he was so maligned recently “his back is up” Pond- Life is also my Brit for the day on my site and a few more will be coming I am sure as I am heading back soon 🙂 whole other language this English 🙂 and we haven’t even touched the cockney rhyming slang..
    there has been much discussion in Lorain about the state of the “frog and toad” ( road) 🙂

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