Guess Who’s Back….

And Guess What’s Coming?


The Return of The Chair


The Countdown Begins…..

(For all the out-of-town visitors that aren’t familiar with where I’m going with this post, grab something to drink and click here to bring yourselves up to date.)


5 thoughts on “Guess Who’s Back….

  1. He released the following statement:

    “As a former Mayor, for the short time I was in, I did see that there was an extreme shortage of potential revenue streams. I don’t envy Tony one bit, with his plate tax proposal and the out-of-town income tax plan. The only other option he really might have, that I can see, would be an sales tax increase, and I’m not sure how feasible that would be, nor the amount of money that would generate.

    He’s going to have a tough time with the resistance he’s getting already.

    I wish him luck.”

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