Chose the Sunset

Thanks go out to the 2nd Street resident that gave Loraine a call Monday night. She wanted to know if Loraine could give “Mr. Hawk” a call, you know the “Settlers’ Watch Photographer”, and let him know that a crew was working on taking down the First Energy building on 2nd and Oberlin.  As I was going out the door, my Mrs. was coming in from work. She told me to check out the sunset on the way. The colors and clouds I saw while passing Lakeview were too much, and I was dragged in. I knew there wouldn’t be much light left for 2nd Street, so I’ll be going by there this week.


4 thoughts on “Chose the Sunset

  1. Just saw this on FB.. What wonderful photo’s and to think they were taken in Lorain, OH not some vacation place… WOW!

  2. Made the girls go outside with me the past two nights and share the beautiful sunsets. Great job capturing God’s beauty!
    Please email me, I don’t know if you’ve received my previous email or not.

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