About LoCoPhotogBlog

I started this blog in ’07, with the intent to show places that many people don’t get to see around this area, or showcase events and fundraisers. I’ve learned a lot about cameras and photo editing and Lorain County in that time. I’ve taken tens of thousands of photos and posted the best.  I’m always looking to try something new, do something different, and expand my experience and horizons.

If you’re looking for a place to post some pics and get some feedback, let me know. If you’re familiar with something that you think people would enjoy, drop me a line, and I’ll do what I can to cover it.

If you’re looking for someone to do some photography work for you, my schedule is very flexible, and I’d be willing to work with you to get exactly what you want.

If you like something that I’ve posted, and want a copy, my prices are very reasonable.

If you’d like directions to a location you’ve seen here, I’m more than happy to help you.

I’m always open to suggestions, always interested in what’s going on in Lorain County, and its surrounding counties. I can be reached at  heneryhawk1@yahoo.com or markjteleha@yahoo.com

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy!

Mark J. Teleha



5 thoughts on “About LoCoPhotogBlog

  1. Awesome shots! And what a resource for organizations such as ours who rely on talented photographers who can “share the story.” Thanks so much for your efforts. Love the fountain shots!

  2. Great site! Here is a challenge!! Find public indoor place in Lorain county where a photogrpaher can shoot at. With having no studio this is always a challenge in the winter months!!

  3. As a photographer myself I enjoy coming to your site to see the many projects you take on during your runabouts, so in short keep up the great pics and never let the shutter get cold.

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