And So It Goes…

After six years of learning, helping, researching, discovering, teaching, shooting and, most of all, having fun, I will be dissolving this blog. I want to thank the handful of folks that have come by here regularly with encouragement. I’d also like to thank the people that have stumbled on here in search of something, and have stayed for a while, looking around and seeing the sights.

Thank you to the folks that saw enough experience in what I’ve posted, to ask me to do shoots and jobs for them. Thank you to my folks, for letting me know how much they’ve enjoyed the photos. Thank you to Loraine, for the compliments, all the times she used my pics on her blog, the tips on happenings in the city, and for all the help she asked for on her projects. I enjoyed every minute. Thank you to Barb Bickel, at Visit Lorain County, for giving me the Wish Lists she had for her brochures. I got to shoot a lot of places and events I wouldn’t normally have visited.

I anticipate this site disappearing from existence next spring, when the renewal comes due. If you’ve liked what you’ve seen, I’ll be setting up a page on Facebook.

I’ve had fun, and I hope you have, too.


5 thoughts on “And So It Goes…

  1. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH I hate changes……. bad thoughts are coming into my head – copying and pasting everything and starting another blog featuring Works of Mark.….. There is just so much beauty here and thought and talent……. will it all be on facebook???

  2. I’m not moving it all to FB. When this ends, I’ll start there. And this will be gone. Don’t want this to end up becoming something else in someone’s hands.

  3. I know what you mean – but you have saved all your work and interviews right – off site??? you never know when you need that bit of “history” and all those wonderful shots .you will archive them won’t you?

  4. Mark I just realized everytime I have linked back to your blog post on my blog etc will now disappear right? I am trying to think what I need to do especially with Settlers Watch , the homes stories – the trees the landlords what do I need to do – your work was and is so important to me as are you 🙂

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