Covered Bridge HDRs

I pass this bridge on my way to and from work. I’ve been wanting to shoot it for a looooong time now. I was out that way on May 3, and knew from the time I left the house that I was stopping by. This bridge has been screaming “HDR Me!!!” and I got my chance. I tried a couple different settings on Photoshop. Other photogs like really “overprocessing” the shot, bringing out a ton of color and making it look not-so realistic. I’m kinda weird in that I like going for the most realistic shot I can get. The last one was a “preset” favored by one of the designers of the program. So, I tried that one .







One thought on “Covered Bridge HDRs

  1. Nicely edited photos. The first photo looks like it was painted on a canvas. This scene looks just like the location where Ichabod gets chased by the headless horseman across the bridge. A bridge, which, for some reason (a curse they say), he (the headless horseman) couldn’t cross.

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