Orchid Mania – 2012

Sophisticated ladies. Speakeasies. Busby Berkeley musicals. The 1920s was a time when America’s preoccupation with opulence, luxury and sensuality matched its limitless spirit of optimism and individual expression.

Sound like a certain exuberant flower you know?

Orchid Mania: This Side of Paradise celebrates those independent spirits of the floral world, orchids, in a setting befitting of Jay Gatsby himself.

Hundreds of bold, fragrant, blooming orchids will be on display throughout the Garden and in the naturalistic setting of the Garden’s Costa Rica Glasshouse.

It’s an occasion for flappers, Phalaenopsis and every other kind of orchid you can imagine.

Since going to the Botanical Gardens for the first time in ’08, I’ve gone at least once a year since. Never a dull time, and always very colorful, from gingerbread houses to orchids and butterflies. Just beautiful. Kristen had Friday off from school, so we went.









(Click on the photo for a larger view. Please.)


5 thoughts on “Orchid Mania – 2012

  1. I was there once and I absolutely loved it. Unfortunately, that was before I started carrying my camera everywhere!

    I think my favorite is the third one down. And, by the way, I LOVE the water mark!! πŸ™‚

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