Back At It With HDR’s

It’s been almost 2 weeks since my last post, and almost 4 weeks since I picked up the camera. Having a cast on my arm for half of that time (broken thumb), not being able to dial the lens is frustrating. Having no drive or desire to go out of the house is bad enough, but having nothing that inspires you to shoot when you want to is even worse.

Saturday it snowed. I’m looking out the patio window at the drifts, and the peanuts in the feeder, and I start noticing details. I grab the camera and within 5 minutes, I’ve got over a hundred shots to play with. Wow, THAT felt good.

What I saw in the details was wood grain, and textures, and a possible sense of depth in the shots. I think it worked out quite well.


I thought this was over processed, too bright, and not ‘realistic’ enough. I originally tossed it, but then I thought, “Why not do it again?” And with that, pulled the 7 pics out of the trash, and ran it through the process again.

This was better, a little more real, for lack of a better word. And after shooting these, I realized I missed out on the backside of the swing. Duh.

I was very happy with this. You can see texture in the snow (in the foreground), the detail in the wood, and get a good “feel” for the way the snow is mounded and has fallen through the slats of the swing.


I liked this because I thought the edges of the snow on the tile looked soft, and the the slight blur to the grass.


I was really blown away by the results of the tree shot. With a little tweak, there seems to be considerable texture and a 3D look to it.

So, the cast is off, I’m wearing a brace now, and can dial the lens. Two photographer friends of mine got some shots by Mile Long Pier, and I hope to get out there on Tuesday. But the main thing is, I want to.


4 thoughts on “Back At It With HDR’s

  1. I liked the snow on the tile – it seemed “more” not sure if I am able to explain but the tile looked ” through a mirror darkly” -esque- somehow leaving the imagination to believe there was something more in the depths – I don’t know just tweaked my imagination hope you are feeling better- Loraine

  2. Sorry to hear about the cast! Yuck!

    I agree with Loraine, or maybe it’s just that I haven’t had enough coffee yet! That picture one up from the bottom, looks like a window and in the middle two panes, I see someone looking out from the left. You can definitely see a chin and a shoulder.

    Great shots!

  3. Happy to hear you have the desire back. I am off work next week and I am taking a trip by myself. I will not have a lot of time once I reach my destination but since I am going alone I can stop and get some shots if I want to.

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