Guest Blogger: Matt Dempsey

After seeing his photography over the course of the last two-and-a-half years, I had offered Matt the chance to post here. When I saw a recent batch of pics, I knew he had to share them. He sent me a set he took at Lakeview Park, of the light display there. He described what he did:

  In order to get the effect for these pictures, this is what I did: Having a tripod is a must due to the fact that I used shutter speeds that ranged from 1 second until 20 seconds. The ISO was set at 200 and the apertures were from f/8 – f/32. I simply set the camera to the aperture to what I wanted, focused on the subject, and pushed the shutter. When the shutter is pressed, I then simply zoomed the lens from 18mm – 55mm and vice versa. Doing this causes a plain scene to come to life.


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