This, That and The Other

This time of the year, photo ops become rare, because leaves go to brown quickly, sunsets tend to be obscured by clouds, and there’s rarely many flowers left. The weather is not cooperative, either. Getting that “shoot something” fix is a little difficult, and I start looking for anything, and for new ways to look at stuff.  That said, I hope you enjoy.

I shot these last month, just jumped up one night and lit the candle to see what I’d get.

These are sea salt granules.

Kristen made brownies over the weekend.


These are raw diamonds that I found in between the walls of my house. Yea, right. Just sea salt crystals.

Probably the last rose of the season. Found it today when I was clearing leaves from the flowerbeds.



4 thoughts on “This, That and The Other

  1. Never even realized, good catch! And I purposely stayed away from water-drop pics because I’ve done so many. Duh.

    And I keep forgetting to put together the Scavenger Hunt pics.
    This week.

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