It Only Rains…When I’m Off Work

It rained the majority of my time off from work. In between the random showers, I went out back and played with the macro lens. I know the water drops are nothing new here, I still think they’re fascinating.









9 thoughts on “It Only Rains…When I’m Off Work

  1. Nice site. As soon as I figure my camera out are you up for some challenges? I am waiting for batteries to be delivered this week. Darn things are expensive locally, $7 each, but are $2 online.

    1. I got the batteries today but give me a week to try to figure this stuff out. I finally figured that I was using an ISO too high and how to change shutter speed, Now I have to play with that a little be able to get the picture I want. Sure is a lot to learn but having fun doing it.

      1. Take your time and get comfortable. I’m not goin’ anywhere.

        Wish I had your price problem with batteries. An extra for mine was over $30.

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