Creepy Crawlers

Not everything needs to be shot macro. I mean in that getting a close-up of things that are usually too small to see with the naked eye, you get to see what they really look like. And after seeing some things a lot closer than I ever have, if I have to kill anymore spiders, I think I’ll get one of the baseball bats out of the garage.


 This is  Platycryptus undatus, aka jumping spider of the salticidae family. Very curious, but no dangerous venom.



This is a wolf spider, identified by the arrow-shaped mark on it abdomen. These are very common in Ohio and they are poisonous. They will run if they see you, but will bite if cornered. The bite will not kill you, but there is an anti-venom at the hospital.



A sandfly, or midge, which is extremely common in this area.


7 thoughts on “Creepy Crawlers

  1. I love the jumping spider, the face is amazing but just how far can it jump? In other words how fast do I have to run before it can get me!

  2. I have an extra baseball here if you need it! DANG.

    I swear that first picture, the spider looks like it’s going to jump out of my screen!

    I love macros!

  3. The jumping spider cracks me up, because it looks like he’s got a beard, bushy eyebrows, and those pincers make it look like he’s smiling.

    To me, anyway.

  4. This spider is a bit larger than Habronattus species but is found in the same sort of habitat as some of those species leaf litter. The light colored cephalothorax with dark sides and the markings on the abdomen are fairly distinctive and consistent..Another genus of very tiny spiders is Pelegrina. This is an extremely common spider often found on flowers which is unusual for jumping spiders.

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