Lorain County Food Drive & Zombie Walk Sept. 10th 2011

The Lorain County Zombie Outbreak Response Team

Lorain County’s first ever Food Drive & Zombie Walk Sept. 10th 2011 @ Church Street Bar & Grill

To stop the outbreak of hunger in Lorain County!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Zombie walk is where people come together to donate, dress in full zombie makeup, and walk like zombies throughout a town. The zombie walk is for zombies of all ages and is family-friendly as well as for the older crowd; we encourage participation from anyone who is interested in letting go of reality for a couple hours and having a great time for a great cause.

Church Street Bar and Grill is the prime location for registration, food donation, and make-up application for participating zombies who need assistance. Along with the food drive for Second Harvest Food Bank in Lorain County we are having Life Share Blood Mobile as the “Vaccination Zone.” So Please make sure you plan to include this as part of your visit during the Walk.

General Information:

Admission: $5.00 plus 2 non-perishable food items
Walk Starts Promptly at 3:00PM

Although we encourage you to arrive in full make-up –
Don’t worry! We will have several FX Make-up & air brush Artists available starting at 11:00am for an additional fee of $5.00 for those Zombies needing assistance. Make-up application will be located on the outdoor patio @ Church Street Bar & Grill.

Make-up application starts at 11:00am thru 2pm.

What to expect from a Zombie Walk you ask??? During the Walk, all participants are encouraged to remain in character as zombies, lurching, shambling, dragging limbs and communicating only in a zombie-like manner (such as grunting, groaning, moaning and slurred calls for “brains”.) Some participants occasionally dress up as soldiers who are called in to contain the outbreak, or survivors who are trying to defend themselves from the onslaught of the zombie hoard. It’s a great fun afternoon while raising awareness for our community and local charity.

If you’re joining us on the walk or just wanting to watch the walk, please review our WALK RULES/GUIDELINES! This will keep things safe & fun for everyone!


6 thoughts on “Lorain County Food Drive & Zombie Walk Sept. 10th 2011

  1. HA! Your blog post # 666 and I post about yelling SIX SIX SIX at the Church raffle!

    What’s this mean? Does this mean I need to put my best zombie foot forward?


  2. I want to get there to photograph it also. I will have to see if I can fit it into a jam packed day. I may just swing by to drop off some cans of food anyways.

  3. .A person in zombie makeup for a …Zombie zonbi nzumbe is a term used to denote an brought back to life by mystical means such as witchcraft. Since the late 19th century zombies have acquired notable popularity especially in North American and European ..In modern times the term zombie has been applied to an in largely drawn from s 1968 film . Zombies remain under the control of the bokor since they have no will of their own.

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