Daytripper Cleveland: Calvary Presbyterian Church

After numerous trips in and out of Cleveland and up and down Euclid Avenue, Kristen and I made a plan to shoot as many churches as we could one day. That day was Friday, and we spent almost 4 hours driving east and west on that street, smiling ever bigger with each successive stop. Calvary was the very first stop, and we got lucky as there were two women there putting together care packages of groceries for the needy. They were very friendly, and incredibly accomodating as they let us shoot their church. I promised that Calvary would be the first post I worked on, and here it is.

(The number is 1888, for those Roman-numerally impaired)

Carving on each of the pews


One thought on “Daytripper Cleveland: Calvary Presbyterian Church

  1. You did a beautiful job. You captured some great views of our church (Calvary Presbyterian Church). We have a Food Pantry every third Saturday of each month. As well as Hot meals every 4th & 5th Monday, Wednesday, Friday of the month. Grace and Peace

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