LCMP: Miller Nature Preserve

Located on Route 83 in Avon, Miller Nature Preserve rests on 78 acres of wooded land in the heart of Avon. Much of the property was donated by longtime Avon resident, Buddy Miller in memory of his late wife Alice Fowles. A Visitor Center is nestled between trees and the winding French Creek and includes a café, a gift shop and a demonstration kitchen for cooking classes. The highlight of this preserve is the 5,000 square foot conservatory, the first in Lorain County.

Crown of Thorns

Lipstick Plant

White Pine (Bonsai)

Ageratum (Hawaii Blue)

Aechmea  (Bromeliad)

The Bird of Paradise

…and LOTS of orchids (when they’re blooming)

Many different varieties of cacti

Different species of ferns

A small waterfall

One view inside the Conservatory

For only $2, you can tour the Conservatory, and for $10, you can have a pass for the year. Plans for outdoor gardens, trails, and a butterfly house are in the works. You owe it to yourself to visit, you will not be disappointed.


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