Admiral King Honored

Across the block from Settlers’ Watch, almost on the corner of 1st Avenue and Hamilton, a tribute to Lorain native Admiral Ernest J. King is being built.

Loraine Ritchey, the driving force behind Settlers’ Watch, is coordinating the installation of this tribute. According to Loraine, besides being located across the street from King’s boyhood home, the site was selected also due to its proximity to Lorain’s waterfront. All of the work is being done through grants and donations through the Charleston Village Society.”The flagpole is from the old American Shipyard. Lorain City Schools donated an anchor from the old Admiral King High School.” When completed, it will have the shape of an anchor. The anchor from King’s namesake high school will be relocated here, donated by Lorain City Schools.

(Special thanks go to Bur Brothers Masonry and Bricklayers Local #5 for the work they’re doing)

Brushing the sand into the spaces between the bricks.

The top of the anchor,

being fitted with the framework for another layer of cement, to hold the cross design of the bricks in place.

A ceremony is scheduled for June 25th, at 11am, to raise a flag for the first time. Donated by U.S. Representative Betty Sutton’s office, the flag will fly on the 55th anniversary of Admiral King’s death.


3 thoughts on “Admiral King Honored

  1. Thanks so much for this Mark – these young men the Bros of Bur ( Bur Bros) and Local 5 donated their time and labor to lay the pavers that were also donated. Great group of guys.

    I have an idea to showcase the AKHS anchor with tumbled glass mulch in blue around the base and also behind it.I found some in Arizona and they will ship but it is expensive anyone know where I can get this product locally?

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